Anyone with access to this paper want to send it to me?

And if you do, please leave a note in the comments so that others don’t?

Apparently Michael Mann wants to know whether I can provide a better estimation of mitigation costs than this paper can.

7 thoughts on “Anyone with access to this paper want to send it to me?”

  1. Mr Mann doesn’t want to know if you can provide a better estimation, he’d have made a copy of the paper available to you else, wouldn’t he?

  2. You cannot begin to have a stab at the costs of mitigation before establishing how sensitive the climate is to carbon dioxide emissions and whether or not the likely amount of warming is, on balance, harmful or beneficial. The likes of Michael Mann would have us believe that the consequences will be all doom and gloom, but, given the history of the planet, this is highly improbable.

    The current plateau / hiatus in global temperatures requires adequately explaining and a rethink of climate sensitivity.

    Via Bishop Hill, we learn that bacon butties may ultimately have significant climate change implications.

    If the cost of mitigation is an end to bacon butties and a full English, then the cost is too high. Just as, if it did turn out that Mo’s religion was indeed the way to salvation, then I’d have to pass, no bacon and no alcohol make DocBud go crazy.

  3. Ah Tim – it can be your “an inconvenient truth”. Hollywood beckons!

    Oh – not that Michael Mann, then.

  4. Owain Shave (@OwainShave)

    At the risk of asking an obvious question, could you not just ask Micheal Mann for a copy?

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