Charlie doesn’t really get this economics shit, does he?

Prince Charles has called for an end to capitalism as we know it in order to save the planet from global warming.

In a speech to business leaders in London, the Prince said that a “fundamental transformation of global capitalism” was necessary in order to halt “dangerously accelerating climate change” that would “bring us to our own destruction”.


We’ve actually spent quite a bit of time and effort, as a species, having a look into this. What do we need to do as a species to maximise the personal utility of all humans over time? What gives us the best society in short?

And the answer is a world of globalised capitalism, but one that has moved from fossil fuels to other energy collection and or generation methods. And that’s it. This really is the answer that the SRES and the IPCC and the Stern and all the rest of the reports come up with.

Regionalised or localised, rather than global, economies produce worse results. Socialist or social democratic societies produce worse results. Both in terms of future living standards (always) and in terms of carbon emissions and thus climate change (almost always).

Or, as I once wrote a whole book pointing out, all we need or want is globalised capitalism and a carbon tax.

21 thoughts on “Charlie doesn’t really get this economics shit, does he?”

  1. HRH talks to his flowers. His Household is silent as to whether they answer him. Our future King’s talents lie in other directions than grasping the fundamentals of the grubby business of surviving in a developed society. Long Live Her Majesty!

  2. To be fair, his wealth is the result of plunder and theft so he probably doesn’t understand having to get up in the morning to make a living. Part of me wants this sort of thing to happen, so that the whole thing collapses and people like him and Polly either starve to death (best case) or are murdered by their enraged servants/neighbours for the nightmare they’ve wrought.

  3. We as a species may well have looked into the “problem” but the solution, if the facts on the ground tell us anything, is useless, counter-productive and expensive, as well as gutting just about every energy intensive industry in the western world.

    If the idea of a solution is basically to make everyone poorer so they have less money to spend on energy, then I can quite happily say, fuck THAT.

  4. Actually, I wonder if we could have him sectioned, he is a complete loon, another Regency Period would be a hoot.

  5. Tim,

    honestly mate, we do not need a carbon tax.
    We do not need a tax to change the weather, mainly cos it wont work, and we will all be poorer, except the world gov as exemplified by those nice lefty types at the UN, because what good is a carbon tax unless it spans most of the world?

  6. Quite, Danny, in fact I thought Tim was slowly coming around to realising that it was pointless. He should really talk for himself on this point, most here do not want or need a carbon tax, globalised capitalism will do me fine, thank you very much.

  7. I suspect Tim is being unusually pragmatic on this issue, and conceding the tax in order to get a fair hearing on the economics.

  8. Jug Ears needs the boot. If I were PM I would call him in to my office–and he would be brought in by thugs if he didn’t arrive under his own steam– and inform him that he will not by allowed to take the throne after his mother goes–because he is an idiot. Whose tunnel-sized gob has proved it so on countless occasions. The throne will pass to one of the kids (also a small bit of revenge for Di–I’m not overly sympathetic to her but just in case the tunnel caper was arranged by Bliar).

    In view of this I would then give him the chance to stand up and have a go at his tormentor–no legal comeback win or lose.
    I’m sure he’d leave quietly and disappear into the green recycling bin of history that he so deserves.

  9. DocBud,

    He’s not a stinking pinko, because none of this would apply to him. He’s the greenie that flew off to New York with an entourage of 20 to collect an award, and has the nerve to lecture the rest of us, when many of us today do our meetings via Skype.

    Deep down, I think this is about the loss of power. Imagine your family going from being absolute monarchs to powerfully influential, to being respected, superior beings and ending up as basically monkeys performing for the tourists and the tabloids. You might look for ways to get back to where you once were, and destroying free markets looks like an opportunity to do that.

    Sadly, he’s thick as pigshit. If a real fascist government got in, the first thing they’d do is to get rid of him.

  10. The Stigler,

    When Afrikaners felt disempowered due to the end of apartheid and things like job reservation for white people with itty bitty IQs, quite a few resorted to family murder/suicide. Maybe we should take the keys to the gun cupboard off him given his low IQ and fragile mental state.

  11. Is it illegal to read what Charles actually said before issuing a diatribe?
    That sounds like Murphy.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    In fairness, is it worth pointing out that Jug Ears is mostly right on most issues? He is wrong on the climate but that is more than made up for by being right on, say, architecture.

  13. @ ChrisM
    It is possible to be correct when pointing out that 99% of the population find trendy architecture very ugly. Also the “Walkie Scorchie” is not just ugly – it is a design failure, like much of trendy modern architecture; it is not just that I think Le Corbusier’s designs are ugly but that flat roofs in Britain are liable to leak (see the recent fuss about Precott’s £60,000 houses). The incredibly expensive tower blocks built under the late-60s Labour government have been demolished in less than 50 years whereas even cheapskate Victorian slums lasted a century and Tudor mansions (and Saxon churches – some were built in stone) are still standing.

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