Fascists march in the Sudetenland again

It’s May Day over here in Europe and that means that the fascists will march in the Sudetenland again.


These are from the past of course.


Lovely looking blokes eh?

Of course, this is Usti nad Labem in the free and democratic Czech Republic, not Aussig in the Sudetenland any more so everyone has a right to a parade of their ignorance and hatred. Just as those who oppose them have the right to counter-demo and that’s exactly what is happening today in this fair city. With an appropriate number of burly policemen to protect the free speech and freedom of association rights of all.

All is, therefore, as it should be.

No one seems to be expecting anything other than a bit of that demonstration of those rights. 50 metres off the parade route there’s a little pedalo go-cart set up with four years olds furiously whizzing around the course. But that’s the Czech way, let the intelligent and sensible have their fun while the morons have their march.

7 thoughts on “Fascists march in the Sudetenland again”

  1. They look uncannily like the EU and US State Department’s freedom-loving democratic allies in the new Ukrainian government.


  2. Ah, socialism in action once again.

    The “everybody wear leather jackets” thing is a bit camp tho’.

    Where is Roderick Spode when they need him.

  3. Mr Ecks>

    “The “everybody wear leather jackets” thing is a bit camp tho’.”

    Yes, it’s definitely one of the stranger gay subcultures out there.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Dave – “Yes, it’s definitely one of the stranger gay subcultures out there.”

    Johann Hari did claim that all post-War Neo-Nazi movements have been homosexual in membership. Or at least lead by the Gayers.

    So there may be something wrong with that.

    Nothing wrong with letting the Fascists march if they want though. Good on the Czechs. In a week when a British man was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill in public.

  5. This is the great thing about “freedom of speech” and “freedom of association” – groups like this come out of the shadows, with their fancy dress costumes and vent their spleen in public.

    That way, we can see how ridiculous they are and laugh out loud.

    Much harder if hate-speech laws keep them constrained in the beer halls.

  6. “That way, we can see how ridiculous they are and laugh out loud.” doesn’t always work out like that – “the past is a foreign country …”

  7. There seem to be endless parades, marches , protests and demonstrations in the UK. These are different ?
    Thick leather and the like is useful in diminishing blows by feet and baton and even tasers.
    It even keeps the cold out.

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