From the Department of Technological Redundancy

The Braille phones come in a variety of different colours

16 thoughts on “From the Department of Technological Redundancy”

  1. Not all legally blind people are 100% blind. They might be able to make out the colour, and they might prefer to have a green phone so as not to confuse it with their red iron or their blue food processor.

    Also, they might have a sighted (seeing? what’s the PC word?) partner who likes a colour-coordinated house.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Their Mother might have bought them one for their birthday. The same way that baby food is salty and otherwise flavoured when the little puke factories can’t yet determine taste yet.

  3. Blind people are aware of colour, and aware that sighted people consider some hues and combinations more desirable than others, so have an interest in colour themselves- and of course many are formely sighted, or just have very poor sight.

    Should we make clothes for blind people all the same colour? Beige perhaps. Or “nude” as they market it now, apparently.

  4. Following on from Andrew M’s point, it also might be useful for either a partially-sighted person or other sighted members of the household to be able to tell at a glance which is the work phone and which is the home phone.

    Sometimes, too, blind people make a point of asking their advisers or family members to buy clothes and accessories in a particular colour so they can feel confident they are looking coordinated.

  5. There an old Chinese joke about blind man walking with a lantern at night. No, he doesn’t need it to walk. He’s just making sure the other pedestrians can see him and don’t bump into him. (This is from the era of paper lantern enclosing a candle).

  6. Blind people live in houses with sighted people, so why not have a phone that matches the house’s colour scheme.

    Do you think all blind people also wear monochrome grey clothes ?

  7. Also many blind people have gone blind during their lifetime and are thus fully aware of colours and have colours they prefer.

    So why not have a blue phone even if you can’t see it ? It’s nice to know it is there, that it is expressing your personal taste in colours and, hey, being asked what colour you want makes you feel like everyone else who buys a phone.

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