I fear The Guardian is confused here

The campaign to legalise prostitution

As the opening line of a piece on said subject this isn’t very good really. For prostitution is legal. Soliciting, brothels, pimping, they are not legal: but shagging for cash is.

There is a campaign to make prostitution illegal, this is true, but it’s also rather different from that opening line. Pity Tanya Gold decided to write on the subject without knowing this really.

11 thoughts on “I fear The Guardian is confused here”

  1. “Despite the Liverpool streetwalker insisting, “We are not doing it because we love it”;”

    Look, most people don’t love catching the 0720 from Didcot to spend a day auditing accounts or working in a phone shop or fulfilling orders at an Amazon warehouse. I’ve seen trained ballerinas complaining that they have to do stuff like Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty rather than the new work that they’d like to be doing. And Neil Diamond doesn’t like a couple of songs that he does, but he knows the audience pays money to hear them.

  2. Basically then, the same dishonest arguments that the Bluestockings have been using for 150 years. Sigh.

  3. @Anon – one set of people who do love what they do is Guardian columnists.

    Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to be paid for smugifying oneself, followed by a latte?

  4. Interested,

    But even that’s a trade-off based on risk. Lots of people want the same job as Tanya Gold because it’s more fun than other jobs to them. You might get a good salary, but we’re oversaturated with journalism graduates.

    It’s like working in an animal sanctuary. They pay badly because there’s people who just like the job because it’s looking after animals. There isn’t a huge amount of competition in the “emptying septic tank” market.

  5. TBH I realised that I was in for a load of ullage when I saw the words “by Tanya Gold.”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I view the prospect of this or any government making it ‘illegal’ to have sex for gain with nothing but wry amusement. Good luck on the enforcement there.

  6. @sam They seem to think there is a gulf between buying a woman a hot meal and giving her the money to buy one herself. Many a date would probably have preferred the peace that comes with the latter rather than having to make conversation with a total bore for the sake of some food and a shag.

    Besides which, they’ll never make offering sex for money illegal, that would criminalise every woman; but if they make paying for sex illegal they get to criminalise every man.

    It’s pretty much the only commercial activity the left claim the supplier is the victim in any other case, drugs, gambling, fatty foods, salt, tobacco, it’s the customer who is being exploited. Some poor sod on minimum wage who can’t get a girlfriend puts in 15-20 hours of back breaking work, then hands it all over to a tart (who doesn’t even have to get dressed or out of bed) for an hour’s company. Exploited?

  7. Paying for sex will be illegal across the west within 15 years. And if paper money goes at about the same time, they will know what you spent it on or who gave it you, so the ban may also even be enforceable. We will get to see.

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