Perhaps Margaret, Lady Hodge, would like to rethink this?

Take That star Gary Barlow is facing calls to hand back his OBE over claims he invested in a tax avoidance scheme.


Labour’s Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee said Barlow “might want to show a bit of contrition by giving back his OBE”.

I don’t know whether one can actually give back a courtesy title, the female part of a knighthood awarded to a late husband.

But that those Stemcor shares are in a family trust could certainly be described as a tax avoidance scheme. An entirely legal one of course: and one that currently makes no difference at all to the tax position of that stock. But matters were rather different when the scheme was set up.

Perhaps this idea that honours should be handed back in such circumstances is something that Margaret, Lady Hodge, would like to reconsider?

10 thoughts on “Perhaps Margaret, Lady Hodge, would like to rethink this?”

  1. I never cease to be amazed how tolerant the company representatives dragged in front of Hodge are. It must be so tempting to say ; “and what precisely is the f**king difference between what we do and what Stemcor does then ?”

    We hear whinges from Hodge/Stemcor about how their tax payment is exactly what it should be, they are breaking no laws etc etc etc, how come this doesn’t apply to Amazon then ?

    If I hear another dumbo talk about tax rates on turnover, can we club together and hire a hit man or something ?

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    No, of course you can’t hand back courtesy titles. They’re not even yours. However, you can simply choose not to use them (as, I think, Margaret Hodge MP indeed does.)

    I’m now going to go and have a wash and a sit-down having been vaguely supportive of that egregious harridan.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    On a more significant level, Gary Barlow is a singer. Not an accountant or even a company director. So you would expect him to be able to rely on professional advice from his accountants, financial or tax advisors. Now, this doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be required to pay the money back following the court ruling.

    But it does rather diminish the moral component of the crime, in my view at least. Not, of course, in the rampantly hypocritical world of La Dodge and thwe LHTD. B ut we neveer expected them to do anything other than smugly pounce.

  4. Poor bastard must have voted Tory once…

    I haven’t thoiught about Hodge for a while, but it strikes me that her position in their strange world of tax avoidance is identical to that of The Dick.

    Both have tax efficient vehicles for their various schemes but, “hey what’s wrong with that?” they whine. But get them started on Amazon, Starbucks et al and they’re off the leash.

    Mind you, Dick has yet to threaten to prosecute anyone who talks about his tax affairs, unlike Hodge.

    Give it time, I suppose.

  5. @john miller

    ‘Poor bastard must have voted Tory once…’

    I think he’s a donor. Certainly a supporter – campaigned alongside Cameron.

  6. I doubt Hodge has the power to prosecute people who criticise her, at least not yet anyway. We are not yet that far down the rabbit hole.

  7. They are a striking ensemble, the tricoteuse of the Labour party, ain’t they? Harman, who parachuted her husband mysteriously into a safe seat that was meant to have an all-female short list. The tax-dodger Hodge. Tessa Jowell, wife, then maybe-wife, to a jailed crook. And some of ’em with years behind them of local council work, or NCCL work, as part of the Friends of the Paedophiles lobby. And people say that UKIP people are odd.

  8. Paul,

    “I never cease to be amazed how tolerant the company representatives dragged in front of Hodge are. It must be so tempting to say ; “and what precisely is the f**king difference between what we do and what Stemcor does then ?””

    The effect of a company being grilled (same on Watchdog) is that you, the consumer, think they’re big enough for government/TV to be bothered about and that creates a certain degree of reassurance in your mind about dealing with that company (and in the case of Watchdog, if the CEO eventually deals with the problem and apologises then you’re reassured that they’ll OK to deal with). .

    It actually has a positive effect on those companies. That’s why they send someone, even when they don’t have to.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    What a vindictive cunt. The Left are never satisfied with mere victories. They demand overkill, and that is why they succeed so much of the time. I wish their opponents would fight fire with fire.

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