Ritchie asks a good question

Where did the statespeople go?

The definition of a statesman is a dead politician. So, you know, they died and left us all better off.

14 thoughts on “Ritchie asks a good question”

  1. Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky?
    He got an ice pick
    That made his ears burn

    Whatever happened to dear old Lenny?
    The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza?
    Whatever happened to the heroes?
    Whatever happened to the heroes?

  2. The Meissen Bison

    I’m with Gareth here. An elder statesman is not one who has been dead longer than other statesmen.

    The fact that most politicians are suppurating apostemations of greed and malice rules them out from being statesmen.

  3. The thread on Ritchie’s blog gave a personal favourite of mine, Andrew Dickie, his opportunity to lament the passing of a golden age, when good, honest and wise men would argue their sincerely held opinions. He then of course went on to express his visceral loathing of anyone holding a different opinion to himself.

  4. I note that the list of heroes offered by ritchie’s commetators didn’t include a leftist who actually obtained real power. Could this be because any leftist who has ever obtained real power has done real damage?

  5. “the passing of a golden age, when good, honest and wise men would argue their sincerely held opinions.”

    And all the women were strong, all the men were good looking, and all the children were above average.

  6. Ironman

    Dickie really is a prize – a neo-stalinist utterly convinced of his own rectitude, and completely blind to the fact that the charges he so baselessly throws at ‘neo-Liberalism’ could be thrown back at his rose-tinted view of the period 1945 – 1979 with interest. Even an initial comment I was going to make there would fall foul of ‘Section 5’ but perhaps the most loathsome contribution on the thread would have to be to another sock puppet, Carol Wilcox, whose eulogy to Ken Livingstone was nauseating in the extreme.

  7. I am surprised at you Ironman. It is quite possible for 60% of the children to be above average. It would be more than surprising if 60% of them were above the median.

    Back on topic, I thought the original article was a plea from Richard to his admirers for one of them to identify him as a modern statesperson. None has yet obliged.

  8. John

    If Mussolini is defined as a ‘statesperson’ then Murphy definitely deserves the epithet…

  9. John

    I didn’t say average; Steve did. I just assumed he meant the median, what else would I think?????

  10. “statespeople”

    Subtle left-newspeak sneaking in there. It’s “statesmen” for goodness’ sake.

  11. Bloke in spain

    Fortunately due to linguistic sloppiness, the term also means a general giving of praise, as well as the traditional meaning of ‘praising the dead’, but I agree – in the sense you mean, I’d find a eulogy of Ken Livingstone welcome most certainly…..

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