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Ritchie on inequality

Why the Gini coefficient underestimates wealth

Given that we’re almost always calculating the gini of income distribution, not wealth, so what?

3 thoughts on “Ritchie on inequality”

  1. I think Ritchie took the same statistics class as Polly.

    DannyB asks him to explain why he thinks inequality is increasing when the OECD/JRF et al show it decreasing by reference to the Gini coefficient, i.e. the CHANGE in the coefficient’s result. Ritchie replies (some 24 hours later!) with a referecne to his friends’ views on the principle Gini coefficient.

    NOT. A. CLUE

  2. I also see that he uses his typical approach to disclosing his sources and assumptions:

    Right-wing troll commenter: “Mr Murphy, you assert in your blog that neo-conservatives eat babies. What evidence are you using to justify that?”

    Murphy: “Any number of the innumerable reports that confirm it. You can use Google too”

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