So now we know what Ritchie says about it

I would like a tax authority in the UK that knows what it is responsible for and states facts, not fiction when it comes to news releases. Right now we have not got that, and on this particular item matters are getting steadily worse.

Such releases might appeal to the vanity of ministers. They might be used to justify cuts. But the truth is that they don’t collect tax. Only people on the ground do that and they are having their jobs cut. That’s the issue and HMRC are ignoring it. No, worse, they’re trying to disguise the impact if those cuts.

Because HMRC are not collecting more tax by employing more of my union paymasters therefore HMRC must be lying.

Nothing like having a connection with reality, is there?

5 thoughts on “So now we know what Ritchie says about it”

  1. So is he essentially denying the possibility that a government department can achieve more with less resources – i.e. become more efficient?
    Sounds like an excellent argument for smaller government.

  2. But that’s bollocks because we hear on the electric wireless this morning that the tax take has increased by some 12% or soemthing, due to the increased number of inspectors. On the Beeb no less so it must be true (/sarc)

    Or perhaps nobody knows how many there are? or whether their arses are connected to their elbows?

    Wankers one and all!

  3. Alex, he is also making the case that the analysis & press release activities of HMRC should be privatised because there is at least one firm in his opinion (Tax Research) who can do it better.

    Ritchie making the case for privatisation – who’d a thunk it?

  4. The management of HMRC are –like all depts. of the state–both habitual and systematic liars. They (in the words of the late, great Robert Anton Wilson) “lie morning, noon and night and they lie some more in their sleep just to keep in practice”. I would trust them about as much as I trust Ritchie and his nonsense. They have made such a mess of their own dept it is hard to see how they could have upped the tax take except by leaning on lots of little people–and IF this stat is true that is probably how they have done it.

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