That gig at Pando didn’t last long

But it was fun while it lasted.

Turned out that my mixture of cynicism and economics wasn’t all that good a fit for a site covering the start up culture in the US. Which is fine, of course. Square pegs and round holes and all that.

It was fun to have had the chance…..

7 thoughts on “That gig at Pando didn’t last long”

  1. Sorry to hear that, but indeed, I noticed lately a mismatch between your items and the others at Pando. Well, un-following Pando now…

  2. Let’s say, you did seem rather distinct from the house style there — having followed a link to one article there, few days ago, I checked out a few more with interesting titles and reading the one which had most substance, thought “this sounds like Tim’s writing — oh! That’s because it is.”

  3. Bye bye pando as well.

    The cynic in me says you pissed off a certain benefactor with one of your recent missives on there and the pin was pulled as a consequence.

    Doors are opened, doors are slammed.

    Tim adds: That’s an explanation I don’t believe. That I just didn’t fit in is one that I do. After all, one of the pieces I wrote there was that newspapers (ie, journalism in general) doesn’t mould the thoughts of the audience, rather chases them.

  4. I liked reading your articles there. But even best was reading the comments! They honestly thought you were like the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells.

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    Tim gets the occassional utter nutter over at Forbes. But there, mostly, they are just Yanks who are so used to the overt extremism of their news, they never bother actually reading his articles. Oh, and the odd Green.

    Pando, on the other hand, well! Wtf is a “Baggertarian”?

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