That nice young lad, Owen Jones

The idea of a crackdown on tax avoidance is hugely popular, but George Osborne proposes giving HMRC the power to seize money from people’s accounts – a statist measure that lacks due process. Rather than going after giant corporations such as Amazon and Google, who find devious means to avoid paying what they owe, the state is after the little people.

Erm, much as I hate the idea that HMRC has access to bank accounts it’s not actually about tax avoidance. It’s about tax evasion. Those who do, under the law, owe tax and who resolutely refuse to pay it.

And Amazon and Google: no one at all is suggesting they are guilty of tax evasion and given that they are obeying each and every law, including all of the EU’s strictures about the Single Market, it’s extremely difficult to see that they are even doing tax avoidance. But they’re certainly not doing tax evasion.

They’re just not paying as much tax as Richard Murphy thinks they ought to which is a rather different thing, non?

6 thoughts on “That nice young lad, Owen Jones”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me, the mental gymnastics the stupid Left goes through to avoid understanding what phrases like ‘Common Market’ ‘Single European Market’ actually mean.

  2. This is fascinating. The left is spinning around itself tring to figure out what it should think. I’m little Owen has taken a lead from Ritchie, who was strongly opposed, retweeting comments from the USA, obligingly calling him “tax expert” (which is bollocks). Over the weekend though he has flipped his poisition, without blinking. It seems his briefing from the PCS has clarified the proposal wonderfully well. Tjis leaves poor little Owen all at sea.

    DBC, do you approve of this measure?

  3. @Ironman

    In the end, their contradictions always eat them. The problem is, it usually takes a couple of generations and 20 million dead for people to realise.

  4. Bloke with a Boat

    There’s hope for young Owen. My son was an organiser of Occupy Bath when he as at uni there but now he is fast out freeing me when it comes to being a free marketer.

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