The curriculum vitae of Mr. Murphy Richards

Murphy Richards is the director of Researches for Taxes UK and Fulcum Publishing Limited.
He is the genius tax campaigner who has single-handedly created today’s tax avoidance debate. Through
telling people what they want to hear, Murphy has managed to convince a significant proportion of the
public that there is a large amount of money somewhere which we could just take (from neoliberals, of
course) and then the Government wouldn’t have to face the difficult consequences of chronically
spending more money than is raised by tax revenues.
Murphy is the brains behind the Justice for Taxes Network and is the author of several books you ought
to buy off Amazon:
 State of Courage
 The Joy of Being A Tax Expert
 Cashing In by Murphy Richards
Murphy, Times Person of the Year 2006, is the most intelligent and well-informed tax expert and
campaigner in Norfolk, if not the world, as well as being the architect of the world-famous Mark of Fair
Tax, a certification scheme that guarantees consumers that a business operates through a limited
company and has paid money to Murphy Richards.
Described by Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, simply as “the expert”, Murphy Richard’s books
are available to buy off Amazon at a reasonable price.

Sounds about right really.

5 thoughts on “The curriculum vitae of Mr. Murphy Richards”

  1. Not funny enough, not clever enough. It does not set up a sensible debate about taxation.

  2. Murphy is in a bit of trouble as the Dick is going the way of all politicians, becoming ever more difficult to parody.

    Since the Dick’s argument has dissolved into “Whatever I do is right and whatever you do is wrong unless you pay me money”, it’s a tough old job to take the “voided metabolised amino acids” (as my old biology master used to say).

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