There always was something a little odd about Laurie Lee

Laurie Lee felt there was no more beautiful place in the world than Slad

S’allright I suppose but it’s the connotations, the connections with the book, that make it so, not the actual landscape itself.

4 thoughts on “There always was something a little odd about Laurie Lee”

  1. A shame that the first couple of comments are from UKIP supporters trying to out conserve the conservatives. What is the official UKIP party line on house building and planning?

  2. My wife and I was walking the dog on that very hill yesterday morning. You can see right into Wales, if you want to.

    It’s a very beautiful, peaceful place, and the book has (for me) nothing to do with that beauty (I read it 35 years ago and can’t remember a single word).

    I would be very sad if it were to be built over, but then houses have to be built somewhere and the views of a bloke who died a while ago seem to me to be irrelevant, and I can walk the dog elsewhere.

    I don’t know Rick Vick but he seems incapable of logical thought.

  3. Bloke with a Boat


    I’d be prepared to lay a small wager that if those houses were built that in 20 years time if you could take the protestors to that hill they would have difficulty pointing out the new houses.

  4. That picture in the news article, is that a before or after? Either way I can’t see what the problem is.

    “… unique beauty and atmosphere of the place”

    Someone has been at the happy juice again.

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