This is the no platform lot is it?

Mr Farage later told The Daily Telegraph that supporters of the two groups had repeatedly attempted to disrupt his public events, often with acts of intimidation. “They are violent in intent,” he said. “Their intention is to stop me speaking.”

Wayman Bennett, the secretary of UAF, said Mr Farage’s claims were “absurd”.

You know, I think it is the no platform lot. The people who insist that anything that they regard as racist, or even wacist, should not be allowed to be said in public or their hearing.

It’s not exactly absurd to conclude that they want to stop people saying things then, is it?

6 thoughts on “This is the no platform lot is it?”

  1. “However, Lady Lawrence insisted she was not closely involved with the group.”

    Nah, she’s all a Lady n’ shit now. Better parties to go to.

    Remind me, what are this woman’s qualifications for being one of our legislators, exactly?

    Her son was murdered… so she got a peerage?

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Steve – “Remind me, what are this woman’s qualifications for being one of our legislators, exactly? Her son was murdered… so she got a peerage?”

    Apology for not finding any evidence at all and having to fit up three chavs who may well be innocent? Quite likely.

    This No Platform lot may be speaking the truth as they see it. They do not intend violence. As long as everyone sees reason, no one need get to hurt. And their aim is not to prevent anyone from speaking. But to create an environment in which minority groups do not feel threatened by the likes of Farage mocking them and so allowing more speech than would otherwise occur.

    In other Trot-related news, Slavery turns out to be freedom.

  3. I don’t know whether they are innocent or not. But the process by which they were found guilty stinks.

  4. Re the Lawrence murderers: three cheers for the Daily Mail. Three cheers for our free press. Three cheers for British justice. And FUCK OFF Hacked Off.

  5. I actually draw some small comfort from Nigel Farage’s story here. At least UAF has felt obliged to deny what we all know it is doing. After thugs forced Farage into pub in Edinburgh the SNP and Scottish press, on Question Time I remember watching, happily defended their actions on the grounds that “he speaks for no-one here in Scotland, he has no platform”. In Scotland it seems that really is justification to deny free speech.

  6. Ironman – Scotland is ahead of the progressive curve compared to the rest of the UK. They – proudly – banned smoking in public places first. They banned parents smacking their kids first. Whisky and freedom gang thegither, so naturally they tried to implement minimum alcohol pricing first.

    They even jail football fans for the crime of being “offensive”, under a new law which basically gives the police the right to criminalise any football supporter they don’t like the look of.

    Scotland is becoming a smaller and more claustrophobic place by the day. It’s like the thick kids from the student union socialist club took over.

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