Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Praising Richard Murphy’s excellent argument for a reduction in the tax burden.

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  1. Tim

    When I asked him the (admittedly loaded) question:

    ‘but of course you don’t recognize the concept of disincentives, do you?’ – He normally doesn’t, as a result of his absurd belief that he has more wisdom than 250 years plus of ‘conventional’ economics.

    His response was:

    ‘So don’t poor people suffer from disincentives too?’

    To which my response was, albeit less eloquent, very similar to the ASI article above. As is oft the case when made to look silly, he resulted to a logical fallacy, in that case a Straw man wherein reducing the burden of taxation on the poor would be accompanied by them losing their right to vote. Not a position I have ever seen advocated on your blog or indeed beyond a few fringe loons on the Telegraph anywhere. He really is a desperately confused individual

  2. Yes, credit where credit is due (even if the credit is conjured “out of thin air” geddit?). Richard Murphy has truly hit the nail on the head here. He has made what some might consider a tedious point, but he has made it very very well.

    His logic simply cannot be disputed, even by himself.

  3. Next thing The Murph will do is counter his original statement with an argument that basically comes down to saying he was right all along and that the original statement was not supposed to be valid and recognised as correct by any neoliberal. I mean, you can’t have an expert accountant’s views being validated by neoliberals can you. By definition anything the ASI says is wrong in his view.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    HMRC are wrong, and I am right. We don’t need austerity, we need to stop tax evasion

    And then he has the temerity to disavow his own stupidity.

  5. I never got around to asking him for the macroeconomic case for reducing the tax gap. You know the one: “close the tax gap and you close the deficit, the one I say we don’t need to close.’

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