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Recycling is more of a religion than anything else

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  1. “It’s become an almost religious observation, one that’s continent wide, that recycling stuff is a good thing to do in and of itself.”
    Oh come on Tim. You live in Portugal. There’s no more enthusiasm for recycling there than there is in Spain. Local authority stick some different coloured bins out, People chuck their waste in whichever’s easier. France gives me a useful plastic bag for recycleable items – useful as a bin-bag in Spain, for a start. Put everything in the bin & the refuse people remove. Weekly. Don’t know about Czecho but Poland, Romania… What’s recycling?
    I can imagine Germans & some of the Scandinavians are suitably anal but a European recycling religion?

  2. I don’t think the point is recycling but the appeal to the bureaucratic classes of having one more selfrighteous stick with which to beat us.

  3. About it, ljh. Religion? Yeah. CoE or Tim’s lot. Some self important prick preaching sin to two rows of wierdos in an an otherwise empty building. Goes bugger choirboys when he thinks no-one’s watching. That sort of religion.

  4. “Recycling is more of a religion than anything else”

    How about Catholicism, just for example? Isn’t that more of a religion than recycling?

  5. @ Dave
    What Tim meant was that it is more of a religion that it is anything else.
    Tim, as an ex-Catholic is less pendantic about religion than about economics

  6. I’m not wishing to criticise this point, but the real hypocrisy of recycling is not that is saves money, the most ardent green could not care less about cash saving, in fact, the more expensive it is the better, which acts as the eternally favoured Pigou Tax.

    The real issue is whether recycling saves energy. I’d be willing to bet that recycling is washed and sorted again at the recycling centre as you can’t trust the plebs to do it properly, so it is a waste of time, and the fact that millions of additional plastic bins are produced to help sorting means there is a waste of energy.

    In my case the recycling men have busted several food caddys, adding more energy cost to the operation (although food recycling isn’t, it is just a way of the council making manure to sell).

  7. It is a deliberate waste of people’s precious, irreplaceable lifetimes, is what it is.

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