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Somethihng that Michelle Obama really ought to know

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  1. Yes, life expectancy is the key factor in lifetime healthcare cost.

    The complaints about the cost of obesity, smoking, etc., is Government by Jerks: they insist that government pay for health care, then gripe about the cost.

    Like your friend insisting on picking up the tab for dinner, then complaining all evening about how much it cost.

  2. I should have picked you up on the earlier piece. The two main costs to the NHS are pregnancy and childbirth and the last year of the person’s life, no matter how old they are. So pointing out that the obese tend to die younger and looking at age-related healthcare costs produces a non sequitur suggestio falsi that because the obese die younger the cost less. This is a non-causative correlation.
    Nevertheless, Michelle Obama is, as usual wrong. Remember that *she* comes from a political dynasty into which Barack married – like Joe Kennedy the corrupt father of the previous charismatic Democrat President. The way to reduce ill-health is not diet but exercise which strengthens the heart and improves breathing at the same time as reducing excess fat.

  3. Considering how shamefully the elderly are treated by the NHS compared with younger lard buckets, I doubt they are getting more money lavished upon them to make up for a healthy midlife.

  4. Ljh – its not entirely the care, its the beds and the drugs.
    Or in a hospice (private enterprise that the NHS partly pays for) its the care and the drugs along with the bed. Not to mention capital costs of the building, running costs etc.

    Costs of someone being in a building in a bed are far, far more than the cost of someone to look in on them every few hours.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    A lot of discussion of fat people is poorly disguised class prejudice. Well, pre-judgement. It is not as if it is a bad thing to feel contempt for those who can’t say no to seconds.

    Or in the US and more so in the UK, poorly disguised dislike of racial minorities. Who tend to have problems saying no to seconds.

    Which makes it all the more ironic that Michelle Obama is leading this campaign. I guess it is part of the standard list of charity jobs the First Lady gets to do. She may not even have chosen it.

    I am living in hope that she makes the obvious public health intervention and tells Black men to stop preferring fat women. You get more of what you reward. Perhaps she could persuade Lenny Henry to go on TV and encourage young minorities to just say no? Not sure he would need a lot of convincing these days.

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