Well, quite right too

Mick Cash, the acting general secretary of the RMT union said: “It’s about time Labour woke up to the fact that bringing the railways into public ownership is both popular and cost effective and would free up the money we need to invest in staffing and capacity to modernise the network.

“It remains a disgrace that the last Labour government allowed the private profiteering and exploitation on our railways to continue unchecked and it’s about time the party endorsed RMT’s programme to bring the entire system under public control, free from the racketeering and greed of the past two decades.”

If anyone’s going to rook the taxpayer of the monopoly profits it’s going to be the members of the RMT, right?

3 thoughts on “Well, quite right too”

  1. There’s no racketeering or greed involved when the RMT’s in charge.

    No sirree, definitely not.

    Fortunately some of us are old enough to remember the last time the RMT was in charge…

  2. So the RMT, when they are involved in providing a service, are providing it almost every day of the year? Oh wait, apart from the strikes, the demands for extra cash to do their job (olympics time) and so on…..?
    I will not trust them.

  3. Since renationalisation the east Coast main line has generated by far the most customer complaints – last timer I looked 25% of *all* customer complaints despite the far greater number of passengers on every commuter line.
    NB this is not down to their legacy from National Express who had improved from near the worst to near the best for performance.
    Despite Network Rail, denationalisation of the train operating companies has resulted in a significantly better service for passengers – resulting in a substantial growth in passenger numbers after years of decline under British Fail due to the high cost and lousy service.
    I beg to differ slightly from Andrew Duffin and Martin – ASLEF was far worse than NUR, the predecessor of RMT

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