What fun!

The Black Swan actress had a head start by marrying Benjamin Millepied, a French dance star who is due to take over the Paris Opera Ballet this autumn,

How could he have any other job with a name like that?

5 thoughts on “What fun!”

  1. OT Tim but I’m sure of interest:

    And another long-term Hinchingbrooke employee, Jenny Williams, said: ‘Under the NHS routine you have to go through a particular supplier. I remember being told if I wanted a new dishwasher it would cost £5,500 — I’m not kidding.

    ‘Now I’ve been allowed to find one myself — for £99. All I need is something which gets up to 100 degrees and kills germs. I don’t need something which can give me the time in three different languages.’


  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am amazed. She managed to find the only non-Gay male ballet dancer in the Western world.

    Unless …..

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