A pirate Yo! would be Yar!, no?

From the annals of speculative bubbles:

How much would you pay for an app that only allows users to send one word? A couple of quid?

Well, investors have forked out a good deal more to fund an app called Yo, which allows users to transmit just the word “yo” and nothing else.

The team has already raised $1m in funding and boasts 50,000 users who have sent a total of 4 million Yo messages.

Developer Or Arbel built the app in just eight hours. He claimed the “context-based communications” could be used by businesses as well as, well, youths who say “Yo”.


Anyone actually know how to write such an app? We should be able to have the Yar! app ready by Monday shouldn’t we?

Then it’s just a matter of spamming the media with press releases until it becomes a hit.

16 thoughts on “A pirate Yo! would be Yar!, no?”

  1. I wanted to develop a more english one called “What Ho” but then I realised it might be mistaken for a Which?-style consumer guide to prostitutes.

  2. Actually, if anyone wants to setup a new venture called “notsapp” that promises never to sell out to facebook or the like and then to demand unlimited and unannounced access to the user’s camera, microphone, contacts list ,or the right to download new software while you are roaming, I’m in.

    If we can make it talk to the other IMs out there, so much the better. Very sad that we now can walk around with telephones in our pockets but are enslaved to ever more proprietary communications channels.

  3. If this “investments in apps, FB, and other internet websits” is not money laundering I dont know what else it might be.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    I developed one for Somerset farmers, but I am afraid it did not sell. Not a lot of farmers want to say Aaahee with their phones. And very few sheep own one.

    Although if someone would write one that will send “Ooch Aye, ye wee teuchter bastard” I will send 4 million of them come the referendum no matter what the result.

  5. I note:

    ‘The first $1 million has come from group of investors associated with Moshe Hogeg, the CEO a social network similar to Instagram, Mobli, where Arbel worked for two years.’

    This has the whiff of something unreal about it. Specifically, I would question whether this ‘$1 million’ is real money or purely notional (eg, a credit line, or simply a shift in accounts) in order to get press coverage in the hopes of attracting (a) more users and (b) real investors, and eventually then doing a ‘snapchat’-style cashout scam.

    The real test as to whether this is a bad bubble-like gold rush will be whether investors who aren’t the business partner of the inventor now rush to get involved.

  6. G – not sure if it’s some sort of scam or someone just having a bit of fun. But it has inspired me to write my own app called “Bah!”

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If I could be arsed to get an Apple iOS developer account then yes, sure, I could write something like this. But life is too short, because after the minimal effort involved in writing the thing, you have to talk with the braces-wearing twats who talk management bollocks and frankly I would rather eat my own arm.

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