All hands on deck!

Friend of this blog would like your help please.

Which brings me to my offer, which I doubt will be taken up by anybody out there but I’ll make it anyway… If anybody fancies acting as a Beta tester of my game, then please drop me a line (via the Contact page or my email). You only need an Android tablet or phone and a willingness to lie and say that you’ve been reading my blog for a long time and would love nothing more than test a ridiculous game. At this stage, I just want to know if the game actually runs on a variety of hardware other than the Samsung phones and tablets I’ve had access to so far.

I wish I could afford to pay you but this is the internet and none of us get paid for anything we do but I will promise to include a juicy credit in my game’s acknowledgements screen.

You’ll also get a chance to be the first people to get to play the game, hear my bad guitar fingerpicking, voice acting, and (possibly — yet undecided — singing). At the very least, it should be a mildly amusing distraction from all the horrors of the world and, really, isn’t that all we can hope for?

Apply over there please.

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