An error about an error

Error by taxman means bill for 3.5bn employees

HMRC taxes the entire global workforce apparently.

7 thoughts on “An error about an error”

  1. I’ve met some inspectors who wouldn’t question this assertion, indeed asking only why we don’t tax the other half either.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Someone tells Ritchie that an error by the taxman means a bill for 3.5bn employees. He looks sad. When told that 3.5 billion is over half the world’s population, and asked what more could he want? He says: “The other half’s names and bank account details”.

    How can their f**k up mean bills for us by the way?

  3. Wasn’t there a similar fuck up a couple of years ago?

    I remember getting a demand for payment of underpaid tax as a result, followed the next day by a refund cheque for overpaid tax in respect if the same tax year. It took about 20 minutes of me looking at past P60s to spot their error, but about two hours on the phone to HMRC to get it sorted. Net result was about a £60 win for me. Suspect that a lot of people went through the same process, and will have to do so again.

  4. At last; Murphy has abolished the aggressive tax avoidance of being born and living all your life outside the UK.

  5. This isn’t news, and it’s not errors either. PAYE is only meant to approximate your tax bill, and by definition an approximation will differ from the precise value a lot of the time.

    Another article to file under “journalist’s misunderstandings about tax”.

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