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Because prohibition works so well, eh?

Ban anyone born after the year 2000 from buying cigarettes, say doctors

One thing worse than prodnose tossers is ignorant prodnose tossers.

14 thoughts on “Because prohibition works so well, eh?”

  1. I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t know how this would be legal under current anti-discrimination laws. Effectively, a section of society would be *permanently* banned from doing something that the rest of society is free to do, based purely on date of birth, which I think is unprecedented. It differs from the normal age restrictions because such bans are temporary – when you’re old enough, the restriction is lifted. But to introduce such a law as that which is being proposed sets an incredibly dangerous precedent, as it can be used to ban an activity without it having an effect on the current voters. How soon before the Democrats in the US decide banning guns to anyone born after 2012 is a a good idea to achieve their political ends?

  2. I think it’s reassuring that this country’s doctors have studied medicine to the exclusion of all other disciplines.

  3. Progressives are always prohibitionists. All they learned from their attempt to ban alcohol in the USA is that it’s better to creep up to it, rather than slapping it on in one go.

    So when Tim says this sets a dangerous precedent, that’s the purpose of it. Progressivism works by setting one dangerous precedent after another, using each one as justification for the next.

    These people really are evil. We need to stop taking them at face value, and stop deluding ourselves that they are well-meaning white hats who are a bit over-zealous. They are genuinely evil. They are determined- as they have been for the nigh two centuries of their existence- to destroy the western liberal system, and… oh what am I saying? They already have.

    Anything you can still do is because they haven’t crept up to the prohibition yet. There is not a shred of decency, restraint or compassion in their twisted, blackened little hearts.

  4. Banning an industry just hands over the revenue stream to criminals.
    So, the BMA are asking for a £12 billion increase in the revenue of organised crime. And even phasing it in to give them time to adjust to the huge increase. That’s nice of them.

  5. And also, it sounds great in theory now: 16 year old will not be able to buy cigarettes but their 20 year old mate can. Okay, fair enough, perhaps.

    But fast forward 20 years and you’ll have 36 year olds not being able to buy something that their 40 year old mates can. This is about as fucked up as it gets.

  6. I have always had a huge admiration for the “young” – their determination to become tax-payers (via tobacco) surely is to be recommended ?

    Cigarettes are now £ 8.80 per 20, with up to 88% being taxes.

    Well done, children.

  7. The BMA needs to be declared a banned organisation like Alky Aida.

    Oh wait–the scum of the state would end up doing more business with them after the “ban” than before.

  8. Only redeeming feature pa that there’s at least an honest admission that the aim is to ban tobacco entirely. As opposed to all these ‘for the children’ faux nudges designed to achieve a ban without actually legislating for one.

  9. What Ian B said. Except that it feels like the war is lost and it’s just a matter of slowly implementing the terms of surrender. I see absolutely zero sign of resistance beyond that small group of us who understand what liberty actually means, and care enough about it to oppose all this crap.

  10. It is hard to fight these people, because they are willing to lie, cheat and fight 24/7 for decades while ordinary people get on with their lives, not being fanatics.

    Even harder now given that the media is largely on their side, either for ideological reasons (Left) or to get sales by publishing absurd scare stories (Right)

  11. They took away the guns.

    Now they can play with anything they want.

    Sugar, Tobacco, Steaks, Booze, all items which can be controlled and regulated by our betters.

    Thank you so much Sir! Your most humble and obedient servant.

  12. And the tragic thing is that ninety per-cent of the people who spend their entire working life plotting and scheming and lobbying to deprive us of our liberties do so at our expense.

    They are sucking at the government teat in quango after ngo after fake charity and laughing their fucking arses off at the poor working schlubs who pay for their exoticly located seminars.

  13. The attack on smokers is becoming more fanatical as each day goes by.cigarettes are a legal product.the bma have no idea how many deaths are caused by smoking.why not start banning alcohol fatty foods etc.the bma should be more concerned about the link between the Nhs and the pharmaceutical life always follow the money trail.

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