Companies have personalities based on a rolling average of the sort of people they hire


7 thoughts on “Companies have personalities based on a rolling average of the sort of people they hire”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Well the persona of UK bank call centers certainly have the feel of Indian railways about them. All very polite, but you can’t get round you’re being required to ride on the roof.

  2. Tim – it’s an astute and pithy observation and testament to the quality of your fine blog 🙂

  3. Pretty much.

    CEOs hire the sort of people they want, who hire the sort of people they want etc. The other side is that as the personality changes, some people will leave as it no longer suits them. It takes some time, though.

  4. If somebody can show me a substantial difference between the successful staff employees of a major oil company and a flock of sheep, I’d be keen to see it.

  5. First class people hire first class people and second class people hire third class people. Ancient saw.

  6. Sorry, I disagree with this statement.

    Every seaman will tell you that the Captain of the ship sets the tone of the morale, seamanship, preparedness and Esprit de Corps of the ship.

    In the same way, the nature and corporate behaviour of a company is set by the CEO.

    Believe me, I have seen it in action. If the Mine Manager plays bowls, everybody plays bowls, If he likes tennis, everybody is in whites on the tennis court, if he plays golf, lots of fart look for their balls in the rough, etc…

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