Daniel Day Lewis gets a K eh?

Daniel Michael Blake DAY-LEWIS Actor. For services to Drama.

More often goes in stages, doesn’t it? Get an OBE, keep going and then get upgraded?

12 thoughts on “Daniel Day Lewis gets a K eh?”

  1. Hmm. Always the suspicion its more political these days. He’s no Robert Hardy CBE or David Calder in the drama stakes, in my humble opinion. But opinion is what the giving of gongs is based on, the reason given always sounds a bit of an afterthought.

  2. Day-Lewis is the holder of 3 Oscars and 4 BAFTAS – all for best actor together with lots of the sort of fruit-salad good actors/directors pick up along the way. At least the award is not for making obscene profits out of bird-mincers, robbing the tax-payer blind by “banking” or indulging in activities designed to return the West to a medieval standard of existence.

  3. Bloke with a Boat

    People getting a gong for doing their jobs, something they enjoy anyway, really pisses me off. Its one thing for the likes of Ian Botham to get knighted for using his fame to raise money for leukemia it would have been wrong if all he’d every done was play cricket, as an example.

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    With out nautical friend on this. Gongs for people basically doing what they’re paid to do devalues gongs in general.
    Seems like an excellent candidate for privitisation. Rebrand as GongsRus. You pays yer money, you gets yer gong. Presentation at Palace if you pay for the “Royal” upgrade.

    It’s not as if there’d be any need to change the existing business model, is there?

  5. “People getting a gong for doing their jobs”

    One of main reasons why people spend 30 years in the civil service, when they could be eaerning more money in the private sector, is to get a knighthood.

    Would you rather we paid more taxes, so we could pay ambassadors £350k pa rather than £150k, or do you not think a KCMG (£1,000 of metal & ribbon and a nice afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace) actually makes a lot of economic sense.

  6. Shinsei1967,

    “One of main reasons why people spend 30 years in the civil service, when they could be eaerning more money in the private sector, is to get a knighthood.”

    I’ve always wondered what the attraction of getting one is. Do you get a better class of woman, easier table reservations?

    For fuck’s sake, they’ve just given a K to Dawn Primarolo, Red Dawn, sort of woman who would have turned the country into Venezuela in the 80s, who then became paymaster general and watched over the cockup of tax credits and Blair even admitted that she was only in there because she was one of Brown’s pals. How much does that say about the quality of the award?

  7. Didn’t he like to pretend to be Irish? Does that stop when a gong is on offer? Or am I confusing him with some other luvvie?

  8. bloke (not) in spain

    The question is, Shinsei, why anyone would think the gig’s worth £150k, let alone £350k.
    I’ll do Spain for fifty providing the house is thrown in. Forget the Ambassadorial limo. The old Suzuki jeep’ll do. Rather fancy myself in a silly hat & sword.
    I mean, what does Her Maj’s Ambassador to the Court of King Whateverhisnameis do FFS? Apart from scoff canapes? Anything of any importance is done through the EU.

  9. @ dearieme

    He’s pretended to be lots of things, being an actor n’all. By all accounts, his dedication to his pretences is quite remarkable.

    If we can set aside that film awards are a load of toss, and the honours system is a load of toss, the DD-L is a better candidate than most. His record of achievement by the standards of his chosen field is remarkable.

  10. TTG,

    He’s personally a bit of a nob, but as actors go, he’s terrific. Bill the Butcher to Daniel Plainview to Newland Archer. His big thing is that he’s really reluctant to do anything unless he’s really convinced he can do it right (he originally turned down Spielberg for Lincoln), and then he throws himself into the character. He trained with Barry McGuigan for the boxer, he went off to live in the woods for Last of the Mohicans, he learnt how to be a butcher for Gangs of New York.

    It’s why his output is so small. He averages a film every 18 months (Michael Caine was doing 2 a year in the 80s)

  11. There’s a “Katharine Mary Barker, Economist” listed who doesn’t seem to exist. Certainly she has no papers on the record that I can see.

  12. DDL lives in Ireland, and is a naturalised Irish citizen in addition to being a British citizen. He says that he loves London but that it is impossible for him to live a private life there, so he lives somewhere else. I’ve never heard him claim to be anything other than an Englishman. He’s played Irishmen on film, but he’s an actor and that’s what they do.

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