England were the best team in their group

Obviously so:

Everyone loves a good underdog story and this year they’re getting it in Costa Rica. The scrappy squad is top of Group D heading into the final group game and already through to the last 16 after beating Italy 1–0 and besting Uruguay 3–1.

Because they got the best result against Costa Rica.


9 thoughts on “England were the best team in their group”

  1. Costa Rica are also the current unofficial world champions. So England are obviously the second best team in the world.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Costa Rica might be the unofficial champions but Uruguay are the hungriest.

    OK, it’s alright, I’ll get my own coat …..

  3. When using that sort of logic on that sort of subject, it is the time honoured custom to add the honorific “mate” at the end…

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I don’t know which is the more alarming possibility: that they get knocked out in the next match or they make it a bit further. Either way, the emotionalism is going to be even more tiresome than its current pants-wetting level. If the entire power of the Large Hadron Collider were to be bent on the task of discovering how much I care about football, it would turn up nothing.

  5. I’ve watched plenty of the games, and teams are out there playing big hearty committed football, its the World Cup.

    Meantime, England’s players are absorbed in their own misery and failure and could not even find it in themselves to give Costa Rica a right old game of football when there was nothing but football to play for in the World Cup.

    We even had the blessing that Costa Rica had beaten two teams that had beaten us and had top spot to play for, so we still had a World Cup game to play, against a good side, and we couldn’t find the passion and heart to have a game of football in the World Cup.

    England seem always to lack something of the spirit of the World Cup, rarely bring much to the tournament, and will not be missed (again).

    I shall continue watching teams big and small playing with all their heart in the World Cup, and the sad truth is even I won’t miss england. We were in fact not so bad, and certainly not dire in the two games we lost, but collectively and as individuals england seems not quite to understand what the spirit of the World Cup is about.

    I’ve seen Ghana nearly beat Germany, Iran almost hold Argentina (and nearly nick it), Honduras and Equador have a right old ding dong game, Portugal score a lovely last minute equaliser against the Yanks, Greece win in injury time to go through and put the much fancied Ivory Coast out, Chile beat Spain, Algeria beat South Korea by scoring four and looking for more – its been a lovely World Cup, and what all these teams have brought to the tournament is big hearts and passion.

    The final nil-nil when we had only football to play for says it all.

  6. johnny bonk, great post, and don’t forget we also saw ‘Straya go 2-1 up against Netherlands. OK it was a bad penalty decision, but still funny stuff.

  7. A team only reflect their manager, England don’t play to any sort of system and England have a monopoly of clueless geezers who think that, they are footballers.

    These days, unless they’re Dutch – most footballers don’t do ad lib.

    Hoddle, was told he was and began thinking that he was God. Sven could only think of between the girls legs and naughty bits – football was well down the list. McClaren was a div with ideas above his station, Capello was a confusion of tactics and systems.

    Woy, just doesn’t know where he is and what he is about.

    We had some half decent lads out there but the paddles were lost before we set out up the creek.

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