Hard to believe I know but

I actually smartened myself up for this event.


For example, that shirt had been ironed within living memory, my hair had actually been brushed once that day.

Doesn’t seem to make much difference really.

21 thoughts on “Hard to believe I know but”

  1. Well, I think you captured the befuddled eccentric / liberal studies teacher look brilliantly Tim.

    Next time though, try a battered tweed jacket with leather elbow pads sown on for that added frisson.


  2. An illusion shattered. I imagined you had to don the Georgian wig, frock coat, stockings and buckled shoes to speak to the multitude.

  3. Speaking as one who was there, it was a great success. It was also a great pleasure to meet you, Tim!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Beards and cuff links or cuff links and jeans together are a fashion faux pas.

    Otherwise I do admire the dragged myself through a hedge backwards to get here to speak look

  5. Pleasure to have met you, and thanks for the book! You’ll have to update your profile photo here and on Forbes – I didn’t recognise you with just the one chin.

  6. So, confirmation that Tim is in fact the raw materials oligasch refered to in this Telegraph column.

    For all I know there may be some subtle semaphore of one-upmanship among the global financial elite about how many buttons you leave undone – maybe a cautious unfastened collar button speaks of the lower rungs of big-shotdom; two buttons, of a more self-confident sense of pantomime plutocracy that hovers at about the level of television’s Dragon’s Den; three open buttons probably means that you are a raw materials oligarch; and open to the navel, you are so rich that you have more planes and yachts than you do Hermès ties.

  7. raw materials oligarch

    Tim told us the worldwide supply could fit in the back of a van.

    And a big white van needs a driver.

  8. Had to miss it because I was committed to a race (part of a series organised by my trainer and her husband).
    Frankly, I should not have recognised you from the previous photoshots (beardless but fatter).
    Please could you update you online photos?

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