Juncker the Drunker

The newspaper Letzebuerg Privat (Luxembourg Private), has referred to him as the country’s ‘drunken stupor premier’.

Last year it ran a front-page report, accompanied by a photo of him guzzling drinks, in which it was alleged that he quaffed ‘a Campari, three glasses of wine and three Sambucas in only two hours’.

Sounds like a reasonable dinner party that. Might be a bit much for lunch unless there’s a serious siesta planned tho’

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  1. ‘sambuca’ means ‘armpit sweat’ in creole. A popular sticky drink amongst footballers’ wives, it is made from grain alcohol and sucrose and flavoured with toad-buboe extract.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    The more European Institutions are incapacitated by dint of the executive being blotto, the better off we’ll all be.

  3. Camoron has been saying for about 4 years that Britain can only stay in the EU if the EU is reformed. Does anyone happen to have a handy link to the reforms that Camoron wants? I am sure he must have actually articulated these at some point, mustn’t he?

  4. Whyaye, ‘ow many tabs can ‘e smerk, like ?

    I bet he cannae doon 20 Newcie Broons in two ‘owers !

  5. ‘Does Sambuca go well with Ramen noodles, I wonder?’
    No, that’s cup-a-soup. Pay attention at the back!

  6. It’s a shame that modern hacks do cocaine and pot.

    It gives them a completely distorted view of fags and booze.

    To a journo from the 70s that tiddly bit of aperitif would have been the warm up to the serious stuff at the Coach and Horses.

    Doubtless Junker had a further appointment at Lunch II which the hacks didn’t bother researching.

    Anyway, the whole thing’s bollocks, as the powers behind the throne wants to remain anonymous. If anyone thinks Junker is going to make a decision other than “Sambuca or Scotch?”, they need to get out more.

  7. Nostalgia. Sambuca was very much a 70s phenomenon. I doubt few people drink Sambuca or Advocaat these days, still less Baileys Irish Cream.

  8. Unfortunately most of the bureaucracy is done by sober underlings whom he can appoint before lunch

  9. Sambuca an Italian anise-flavoured, usually colourless, liqueur – a shot with a latte is pretty good.

    So, basically 7 drinks in 2 hours? So, nicely loose and friendly but not drunk yet? If he carries that on for 5 or 6 hours (while ‘working’) there might by some complaint but not just that little bit.

  10. Seems a modest quantity, although a bit of a mix…

    I’m not sure what hacks John Miller knows, but if they are only doing coke and pot (has anyone called it ‘pot’ since the 70s?) they aren’t terribly representative of the trade.

    It’s not as pissy as it was but there is still plenty of booze to go with the coke and dope and pills.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Sambuca is the same ABV as Scotch but tastes like licorice syrup so girlies can get absolutely whangdoodled on it and not notice. They all drink anise-flavoured drinks in countries that border the Med, but they get stronger and stronger as you go clockwise round the coast. The Frogs have pastis and Pernod, the wops have sambuca, the bubbles have ouzo and the Turks and Syrians have raki. Pernod has a relaxing effect on birds as well. A mate of mine reckoned if you could get two good Pernod and blackcurrants down a girl’s neck she was a shoo-in. He called it ‘The Leg-Opener’. Oops, sorry, that probably should have been preceded with a trigger warning.

  12. According to the ultra reliable Sun, Charlotte Church drank ten Sambucas and six vodka Red Bulls while dining après ski in 2007 and then went for boyfriend Gavin Henson ,the Rugby player, exclaiming irritably “Eat the fucking pizza Gav or I’ll smear it over your fucking face”.
    So its safe to say its a drink for the ladies.

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