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There is no substantive difference between the services of a prostitute and a corrupt bureaucrat.

Leonid Bershidsky.

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  1. What Richard said. Leave the prossies alone. Their business model is making their clients happy by providing a service. Most bent officials are bribed to get them to do what they’re already paid to do anyway.

    And nobody ever coined the term “a corrupt bureaucrat with a heart of gold”.

  2. Laura – and government bureaucrats don’t use safe words. Or look fetching in high heels. Or stop fucking you when you ask them to.

    Unless they start a National Sex Service. But they’d probably make you wait six months for a shag, then send you to some rough-looking foreign lady with big hands and a beard.

    Nah, private sector is better, and adds to the sum of human happiness rather than subtracting from it.

  3. This is incredibly offensive and demeaning to prostitutes, who are engaged in a private free market activity and, rather than being backed by the coercive state, are persecuted by it. Seriously.

  4. People are too hard on corrupt bureaucrats – they’re a lot better than honest ones.

    Government regulations impose barriers to free trade and the distortion of markets. Corruption is where the bureaucrat allows you to bypass the regulations, enabling business to go ahead, for a fee. Thus, they restore market principles and price signals, and enable business to be done despite the efforts of authoritarian regulators.

    Society imposes a bunch of rules and formalities to get in the way of providing people with what they want. You can only get it if you jump through the right hoops, perform the approved rituals, pay the right fees, fill in the right forms – and even then, only if they want to. If you just want to get your end away, but nobody else is willing to participate without a lengthy courtship to prove your suitability and commitment, and especially if you just don’t have what it takes, you’re out of luck. The gatekeepers recognize no right on your part to a share in their bounty.

    But prostitutes and corrupt officials offer a way past all the barriers, and the tedious business of having to be judged worthy by the authorities of social morality, and make it a simple transaction open to anyone – pay the price and receive the prize. No waiting. No arguments. No insurmountable barriers. Just pay the money.

    Of course, the authoritarian gatekeepers whose aim is to ensure only the pure of purpose should be allowed past their barriers are all in a rage that they should be so easily bypassed, and clamp down on corruption wherever they can. They are guardians of the public trust, whose duty and honour it is to see that the rules laid down by society are followed. What horrific sort of society would it be if people could freely transact for any service they wanted?! And no doubt they are tiny bit jealous of the corrupt one’s extra income, too.

    No, the only corrupt bureaucrat I hold any malice for is the bureaucrat who creates the rules and barriers deliberately in order that they may be paid to bypass them. But that is subsumed within my dislike of authoritarians generally.

    The problem is the rules, not the people who break them.

  5. There’s a massive difference.

    A prostitute fucks you if you give them money. A corrupt bureaucrat fucks you if you don’t give them the money.

  6. Dennis The Peasant

    Those of us that deal with bureaucrats on a daily basis understand that the distinction between a corrupt bureaucrat and an honest bureaucrat is one without a difference.

  7. In the Courageous State of North Korea 80% of economic activity now takes place in the black market. I came across this fact the other day, but forgot to bookmark it.

    Much of the DPRK black market is facilitated by bribing a bureaucrat.

    Googling – North Korea black market – leads to some interesting articles.

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