Now this is an excellent piece of PR

Very well done indeed to whoever is running this little campaign:

A firm supplying bacon through the post has been forced to come up with special packaging for dog owners to stop their pets eating the meat when it drops through the letterbox.

So dogs might try to eat the bacon after the postie drops it through the letterbox. So, they’ve a packaging that they think will dissuade them from doing so. Ahh, how cute, what a lovely little story.

And that’s enough to get a one month old company a 500 word (?) write up in one of the major nationals. And as it’s via an agency, probably more than one of them (actually, it appears that only Metro has also, ahem, bitten).

Truly an excellent little piece of PR work there. I only hope the company did it themselves and that the intervention of a PR agency wasn’t necessary.

4 thoughts on “Now this is an excellent piece of PR”

  1. Arnald – that’s funny.

    you’re not the real Arnald and I clami my 10 pounds (payable in bacon)

  2. The Telegraph Online runs pretty much any press release sent to them as far as I can tell. The personal finance section contains nothing else.

    However I am not sure whether this is part of the Barclay brothers’ business plan or if it is just because the underpaid, half-witted Jocastas and Tobys don’t know any better…

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