Now this is clever

Tim Daw, of An Englishman’s Castle blogging fame, has been very clever indeed here.

Human remains are set to be placed in a Neolithic-style burial chamber in Britain – the first to be built in the country for 5,000 years.

Tim Daw, 52, has almost completed his long barrow burial mound, which will eventually hold the remains of thousands of people.

Some 40 people have already reserved a £1,000 ($1,680) spot in the 165 ft (50 metre) long structure, in Daw’s field near All Cannings, Wiltshire, and it is set to be completed this summer.

He’s turned a couple of acres of farmland, worth perhaps £10k, into £1.75 million. By digging a hole in it and charging people to stick their waste into it.

A guess the pints are on him next time we’re around Marlborough way then….

13 thoughts on “Now this is clever”

  1. “By digging a hole in it” ?

    Equates to ‘wind energy is free’. Yes he seems to have taken something that initially costs very little and found a way to make it worth a whole lot more, but there does seem to be a fairly substantial amount of stonework involved.

  2. Just think of the confusion it’ll cause in a couple of thousand years when Tony Robinson digs it up.

  3. Hope he’s thought about the long term management.

    There’ one of these – a columbarium – in the Barbican.

  4. What sort of grave goods will people want to leave? Not sacrificed virgins, obviously, due to difficulty of supply.

  5. Not sacrificed virgins, obviously, due to difficulty of supply.

    Oh, I don’t know; there are plenty of Star Trek conventions these days and with the rise of gaming I’m sure supply is keeping up with demand. (As long as you’re nor being sexist about it.)

  6. Not sacrificed virgins, obviously, due to difficulty of supply.

    At last, a use for radical feminists!

  7. So Much for Subtlety

    Ian B – “At last, a use for radical feminists!”

    I don’t think you have this whole “appeasing the Gods” thing down right as yet. The idea is to give them something they will *like*. I mean, what f**ked up deity would be pleased by getting a decapitated and presumably angry Julie Bindel?

    (Although in fairness, if a deity was going to have sex with her ….)

  8. SMFS-

    I always presumed that the Gods’ preference for virgins was a basic social mechanism to reduce the numbers of ugly girls and Dungeons And Dragons players in primitive communities, but that is of course only speculation.

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