Of course she’s bloody going to run

It may start with a heartwarming tale of reconciliation over chardonnay with Barack Obama, but former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited memoir has left Washington pondering a carefully cultivated sense of her distance from the president that will only strengthen rumours of a second attempt at the White House.

Rumours? There’s nothing short of the Second Coming that will stop her running.

If she were to die before the election they’d run the corpse as the candidate.

Whether she will win is another matter of course. I think it would be quite fun to have a female President: but please, dear God, not this one.

18 thoughts on “Of course she’s bloody going to run”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    The USA could go to 100% renewable energy powered from the steam coming from Tea Partier ears!

  2. The American electorate have to ask themselves if they want the manicured finger on the Big Red Button to belong to someone who hallucinates about being under fire. The thought of what might happen at 0300 hrs after a bad night’s sleep is hardly conducive to a quiet mind.

  3. If not Hillary, then Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is the next most likely first woman President. Not that that would be an improvement.

  4. And being liberal leftists, you just know the entire campaign will be variations on one theme – the arrangement of her genitalia – just as Obama’s was essentially about his melanin content (and, granted, that he gave good speech).

  5. One bloke that will be dreading the idea: Bill Clinton.

    Not sure how much he will enjoy being a handbag carrier. Back in the public eye, so he won’t have the freedom to do what he wants.

  6. I think it would be quite fun to have a female President: but please, dear God, not this one.

    Couldn’t agree more… one reason why I was delighted when Obama was picked in 2008.

  7. @ Matthew L
    Despite Obama having the most left-wing voting record in the Senate and having married into a Democrat party dynasty in, of all places, Mayor Daley’s Chicago.

  8. Bloke in Central Illinois

    Hillary won’t even win the Dem nomination. Most overrated US politician since Teddy Kennedy.

  9. So you think HC would make a bad US president. OK, agreed. But Milimarx would make a far worse UK PM than she would make a US President. Yet you advocate voting for (unlibertarian, btw) UKIP when doing so will ensure Milimarx is elected. Funny dat…

  10. @ SMFS
    I disagree.
    None of Michelle’s ex-colleagues have conveniently died so that they could not incriminate her.

  11. I wonder whether or not she will make it through the primaries. If she does then I think she is in with a good chance of becoming the first woman president. The reason being is that the GOP will need to run someone pretty right wing to try and appease the tea party nutjobs, or someone from the tea party might actually get the nomination. I suspect that while that might please fox news I suspect that a tea party candidate might not be electable. might be the turn of Jeb Bush?

    When you think about it though the presidents fo: Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama, then it could go Clinton/Bush, Clinton/Bush, ….. (chelsea) Clinton? Clinton? So if hilary wins then for 28 of the last 36 years you have had the most powerful job in the world in the control of two families. But the US is a democracy not an oligarchy, it says so in the constitution.

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