Questions in The Guardian we can answer

What’s the best touch-screen PC for one-handed use?

According to a recent report more traffic goes to Pornhub from iPads than any other tablet device.

We must assume that the iPad is good for one handed use therefore.

9 thoughts on “Questions in The Guardian we can answer”

  1. Botzarelli – I dunno. Naomi Klein used to be hot stuff 15 years ago. If you like that sort of sexy librarian thing. And I do.

    And there’s George Monbiot for the ladies.

  2. bloke (not in) spain

    Certainly confirms the accuracy of my reaction when I receive mail “sent from my Ipad”

  3. If you’ve tried holding a full-sized iPad in one hand, it’s kinda difficult to hold without it becoming uncomfortable. God knows how many get broken during the vinegar strokes.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    I think we are all under-estimating iPad owners. They have just arrested a man in Canada who has been busted for pleasing himself while watching porn on his laptop, in public libraries, all the time, and this is the bit I like, holding a cucumber.

    So either he has very dexterous toes or one hand is optional.

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