Quite Mr. Hutton

In today’s world, it has become normal that well-paid executives should not be accountable for what happens in the organisations that they run.

We are all eagerly awaiting the administrator’s report into the collapse of the Work Foundation.

9 thoughts on “Quite Mr. Hutton”

  1. So, as someone who is a member of the board of the Scott Trust, what action is he going to take against himself over the Guardian lying about deleting voicemails?

  2. So Rebekah Brooks had to spend £5m to defend herself against trumped-up charges based on the Grauniad’s lie that some NotW journalist had hacked Millie Dowler’s ‘phone. I am glad that Murdoch paid for some of her costs.
    Charlie Brooks was persecuted (“prosecuted”) for no reason other than that his wife was accused. This is where a hominist movement should start. When was the last occasion that a wife was prosecuted just because her husband was falsely accused?

  3. But they still have no problem telling the rest of us how to live. And indeed if we should live at all.

  4. I suppose that in theory covering themselves against currency fluctuations was a good idea. But that shouldn’t have been left to one (junior?) employee with no apparent experience.

  5. theoldgreenfascist

    The NotW did hack Millie Dowler’s phone you cretin. Mulcaire has admitted it!

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