Ritchie’s Queen’s Speech

Selected highlights:

A Pension Fund Investment Bill. This would require all pension funds to invest in activities directly resulting in new economic activity as a condition of enjoying tax relief on their contributions. This could generate £20 billion for investment in the economy.

Your pension should be handed over to the Venture Capitalists.

A Local Authorities Borrowing Powers Bill. Tis would permit local authorities, singly or in regional combination, to borrow to fund housebuilding. The bonds they would issue would qualify for investment under the terms of the Pension Fund Investment Bill.

Alternatively, when inflation is 3% and interest rates are 1%, you should invest your pension in bonds.

The Local Authority Pension Fund Bill. This would allow the merger of UK local authority pension funds to create a combined opportunity to save cost and to permit the biggest opportunity for the creation of an active investor fund dedicated to regenerating local economic activity in the UK that we could have.

Let’s create a national pension fund that isn’t local to encourage local investment.

A Pay Bill. A Bill to firstly restrict the right to corporation tax relief on wages paid in excess of 10 times median pay

Limit top pay to a little more than I and my wife make each year.

and secondly to require the payment of a living wage,

The national minimum wage is already the living wage. Or would be if it wasn’t taxed so damn much.

An NHS Reform Bill. A Bill to merge all NHS trusts and clinical commissioning groups within English regions into single organisations with a statutory duty to deliver integrated health care. Would include paving provision to bring social care into the same structure. The aim would be to ensure health care integration, to achieve economies of scale, to eliminate the massive duplication of effort, contracting and accounting the existing system entails and to improve democratic accountability by bringing these structures under combined county council control.

A Local Authority Education Bill. To bring all schools under direct local authority control and to end Foundation status to ensure the supply of integrated local education for the benefit of all in a community at lowest overall cost whilst enforcing inspection regimes, including on authorities themselves. Would also impose a requirement to provide adult education and skills training for lifelong learning.

Stalinist centralism works!

21 thoughts on “Ritchie’s Queen’s Speech”

  1. On the NHS: the fractured or federal nature of the NHS helps to quarantine bad practices such as those at Stafford Hospital.

  2. For more localism we need more centralised control.

    For more social responsibility in finance we need to give your pension to venture capitalists.

    Freedom is slavery etc.

  3. “A Bill to merge all NHS trusts… with a statutory duty to deliver integrated health care”

    What a brilliant idea! Integrated health care a statutory duty of a health organisations; that’s thinking outside the box that is. I say again, brilliant!!

  4. I’m sure that if he gave a nanosecond thought to how non Stalinist healthcare systems elsewhere in Europe function, it would blow his tiny little narrow mind.

  5. We had this last week; employers generally are paying large amounts to make up deficits in DBS funds at the moment. The idea of those same employers then “borrowing” form those funds is just bonkers. DB pension liabilities need to be met by the employer; the scheme’s investments don’t quite have the same import as they do for a DC fund. So the entirely circular idea of buying a bond issued by your own employer with a stated rate of return for the purpose of funding that self employer’s own liability is just….pointless and…stupid and…bonkers and…Ritchie.

  6. Dennis The Peasant

    My favorite part is handing over pension funds to venture capitalists… what could possibly go wrong?

  7. “A Bill to make the shooting of protected birds on managed estates the criminal responsibility of the landowner. Another passion of mine which needs to be slipped in somewhere to protect hen harriers and other species new regularly shot on grouse estates”

    More modest commentators would say what they’d like to see in the Queen’s speech, for Ritchie, what he proclaims “needs” to be made law.

    What with him and the lovely Carol Wilcox who has proclaimed on bedroom taxation that “all data [is] in the public domain so we can, as good citizens, ensure that no one’s cheating”, let’s hope none of these people get anywhere near a Labour administration.

  8. I remember Carol Wilcox once suggesting that a certain piece of legislation should be introduced a bit at a time “so as not to scare the horses”.

    What better way of showing your utter contempt for the little people who might not vote for you than to elevate deception to morality. This is what rule by Ritchie and his fellow self-proclaimed ‘experts’ would look like.

  9. About the shooting of birds – let’s also make the killing of birds by wind turbines a criminal matter too. Or does Richie only think its a crime when the killer wears tweed?

  10. Did anyone have an image of the WGCE sitting on the throne wearing a dress and a crown and reading his speech out?

  11. “A Local Authority Education Bill. To bring all schools under direct local authority control…”

    How is this Stalinist centralism? Surely such devolution of powers is the exact opposite?

  12. @rob
    “an image of the WGCE sitting on the throne”

    and squeezing one out or rubbing one out?

    No, my stomach wouldn’t bear it.

  13. Churm, what he means is to abolish free schools, grant maintained schools etc. Probably would like to bring independents in too. That’s why it’s Stalinist centralism.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    ‘E’s a geezer, inne? Just when you think his fuckwittery must have reached the bounds of physical possibility, he shifts his stance, bears down even harder with a look of concentration on his face and splurt! another eye-popping bolus is ejected from his fundament. People recoil, coughing and gagging from the stench, and Murphy looks about with a self-satisfied look on his smug gob.

  15. So Much for Subtlety

    Churm Rincewind – “How is this Stalinist centralism? Surely such devolution of powers is the exact opposite?”

    Because you do not quote the rest of it:

    whilst enforcing inspection regimes, including on authorities themselves. Would also impose a requirement to provide adult education and skills training for lifelong learning.

    So the local authorities would be “inspected”. That is, run from London. Which would also mandate what they did or did not teach.

  16. can someone remind me which party required that private-sector pension funds divested from equities and other “risk-bearing” instruments and into the “safe” hands of gilts?

  17. Ironman

    Spot on – Wilcox’s reaction to UKIP’s euro election victory was priceless – total contempt for those who voted for them ‘against their best interests’ , interests defined as ‘what the likes of Murphy and I believe in’ – as for the Murphy entry itself, he takes umbrage at the USSR/North Korea comparisons but that’s what it amounts to….

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