One of our cats died this morning. Toby, we’ve had him since he was 3 weeks old, a kitten from a stray. Looked very much like a more malevolent version of that picture. Four hour feeds from bottles, the lot. A decade later he had tetanus. Died at the vets while we were all trying to work out what ailed him.

And of course there’s no damn afterlife for animals but there will be cheeseburgers. There’d better be or someone’s going to have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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  1. There is you know. We often hear our deceased Main Coon jump off the bed upstairs. He died in Feb 2013. There have been other instances with ghost dogs we had as long time pets.

  2. We lived in a house in Cheshire, wherby every June/July three or four times per week, we would see a “ghost” cat.

    (And, no. It was NOT grinning.)

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Tim, serious sympathy.

    Fred, our host has, indeed, the right perspective.

    My last dog still joins me on a particular route we used to walk together. I cannot see him, quite, but I know he is there.

  4. Likewise, ghost cat here too. He rather shook the poor Aussie vet who euthanised him; I didn’t want to be there when it happened but asked to see him when it was over. He called me in about 10 mts after the heart had stopped, but when I put my palm over his head to say goodbye his heart gave a couple of mighty – and visible – thuds and his neck tensed. I knew he saved just a smidgeon of life to say goodbye and was moved at the little chap’s love, but the vet was shaken, poor sod. Anyhow, I’m not sure if he’s the ghost cat who jumps on the foot of the bed from time to time – in an uncreepy but def paranormal sort of way – but the current two Mogs can ‘see’ him and find nothing remarkable about the fact.

    Yeah, and I got drunk and played John Martyn until 1am too.

  5. Condolences. To avoid undue emotional attachment I ensure that all my pets are invertebrates, and that if one dies, the others will eat it anyway to spare me any traumatic clearing up (or indeed, quite often preventing any knowledge of the departure – they’re thorough critters, no crumbs left behind). Goodness knows what a shrink would make of my preferences.

  6. Isiah 11:6.

    And, in one of the lesser known books of the apocrypha, “The cat shall lie down with the cheeseburger, and shall eat of it rather than the straw mentioned earlier, for verily all things are possible. Yea, verily, in that day the cat shall eat the cheeseburger and vomiteth not.”

    My condolences. Our sole remaining cat is a hundred and forty in cat years and I can’t help feeling he is not long for this world because he has turned nice. We still love him, of course, but it is very disturbing.

  7. When I dug the grave for one of ours in the garden, my wife popped a flower on his corpse. So some day an archaeologist will conclude that our civilisation worshipped cats. And JCBs.

  8. “…a kitten from a stray.”

    I’m sure he had a fab life compared to the most likely alternative, which shows his wisdom in carefully selecting and organising you to take care of him.

    Not a fan of any of the organised religions, but the curious nature of conscious existence (and its resistance to reductionist science) encourages me to suspect that “things” are way more interesting than Dawkins types insist upon. And pet cats are definitely consciously aware.

    Handsome strays in your neighbourhood!

  9. We had to have both of our ginger moggies put down in recent years. My wife and I cried like babies each time.

    Fred, how do you mean, perspective? You can’t be concerned about the economy and the country and your pet cat? Bit weird.

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