So Chuka, UKIP don’t know how to send emails then, eh?

Ukip voters feel disconnected from mainstream politics because they don’t know how to send emails or browse the internet, Labour’s shadow business secretary has suggested.

Chuka Umunna, said that “a lot of those voting for Ukip” in the local and general elections were not computer literate and “can’t do things like” sending and receiving emails or browsing the internet.

You can email Chuka at [email protected]

35 thoughts on “So Chuka, UKIP don’t know how to send emails then, eh?”

  1. I’ve tried copying that into the bit that normally says “www,” but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Shame really, I’d have liked to ask him for one of his pies.

  2. Chakka Khan is right.

    Them Kippers probably don’t even know how to edit their own pages on Wikipedia.

  3. Chocky Umami thinks he’s “the British Obama”.

    So his mum was a xenophile who took up with an african to piss off Daddy and he is as camp as a row of pink tents but butches it up for the voters? Looks about right.

  4. The irony is that a large amount of what created UKIP as it currently stands is the blogs, often self-installed.

    I’d guess there’s probably more ukip blogs than Labour ones.

  5. Tim Almond – Labour’s core support comes from three groups:

    * Immigrants who may or may not speak English, but are keen on postal voting

    * Benefits claimants

    * Public sector workers

    Chakra, with characteristic womanish snark, is saying Kippers are old/thick/out of touch. But the reality is that the left hand side of the bell curve mostly votes Labour. I’d bet money that Labour voters have a lower average IQ than fans of any other major party.

  6. Again I share Steve’s view – f***!

    Labour voters are indeed thick. but don’t ask me, ask Labour. Your average lefty – see tax research UK blog – believes people ‘can’t see’ what is being done to them and so need his special lefty insight or intellect to open their eyes to the conspiracy. They NEED lefty to savbe them from their own thickness.

  7. Up chuk, is such a sweet fresh faced boy and so utterly charming.

    Truly is he a camper, except when he has occasion to open his large mouth and place his big sweaty foot in it. No matter, in this age of enlightenment, reason and diversity – spitting all spiteful pussycat – caterwauling at the British electorate “you thick racist computer illiterate tw*ts” – is the Labour party’s thing.

  8. Under the headline : Your supercilious comments on UKIP voters

    my email :
    Dear Mr Chuckit U’bummer,

    This is to prove to you that even I, as a 72 1/2 year old decrepit fruitcake and closet racist, know how to send an email to the most sanctimonious git in parliament.

    Do YOU, as that sanctimonious git, have the courtesy to reply, with an apology ? Because I DO KNOW also how to receive one.

    No, thought not, I am merely one of the “little people” you would not be seen dead clubbing with.

    Finally, my summation of you as a Labour MP and human being : Full of sh*t, just like the real Obama.

    Any further insults you would like to pass my way ?

    Here is my full address and Phone number ______________________________
    Address and phones given.

    Must confess, I did enjoy writing this !

    Alan Douglas

  9. Ironman – 🙂

    It’s the dirty little open secret of British politics. Lefty types love to think of themselves as our intellectual superiors, but if Ed gets into 10 Downing Street, it’ll be because he mobilised the hard of thinking with promises of more trinkets and goodies.

    I have to admit to being tempted by the free owl though.

    Alan Douglas – To quote the great Shakin’ Stevens: “Lovely stuff!”

  10. Interview transcript

    only reference to UKIP

    But in addition to ensuring we empower our
    cities, we’ve got to empower our people, Andrew. The BBC has carried out some very interesting research on this. One in five people in our economy cannot do the four basics online of sending and receiving an email, browsing the internet, filling in an online form. Now there’s been a lot of talk about communities who’ve been disconnected from our global economy and those of course were a lot of those who were voting for UKIP in the local and European elections. And of that mass of people who can’t do the things that all of us take for granted, a very large number of them are from those communities.

  11. He’s my local MP. Met him once when he was out kissing babies. Nice chap, but a bit dim.

    Can’t say I’m Camerons biggest fan, but his comeback to Ummunna saying something silly at PMQs “Can we edit our own Wikipedia entries? Yes we can!” was as good a gag as we’re going to get from pols nowadays.

  12. I apologise for interrupting the Neoliberal ravings of “Tim” Worstall and his neoliberal comment fascists, but as a Progressive it is my moral duty to explain this situation to more simple minded people. I therefore feel I can expect you to listen and, if you are capable of understanding what I have to say, be grateful.

    Mr Umunna is a very great man and, as is well known, the “British Barack Obama”. Like Obama, he has a slightly lower albedo than the degenerate white race over whom he has been sent by higher powers to rule and, like Obama, he has such great powers of empathy over his charges that he understands their pain at a most profound level.

    Some while ago, Obama rightly identified the pain of the American lesser beings as being that they are trapped in the past in a rather retarded way (this should not be taken as an insult to our differently abled friends) and, baffled and frightened by the wonders of the modern Progressive world, cling to “their God and their guns” in terror. Of course neoliberal fascists immediately and disgustingly asserted that this implied that Obama is a patronising creature of the ruling class who harbours some negativity towards others; nothing could be further from the truth. Like Ghandi, like Jesus, and like the Prophet, he brought this wisdom to those less great than him so that they may be enwisened by it.

    Likewise, the “British Obama” has understood the pain of the elderly white male. WIth the help of the “British Michelle Obama”, Mrs Yasmin Alibhai Brown, the long term policy to solve this pain is of course to put such persons out of their misery by an extinction policy. In the meantime though, kind help will be provided to these evolutionary dead ends by introducing Government agents who will force themselves into their homes and confiscate their children, I mean, “help them manage their online lives in to a government approved standard”.

    Only a neoliberal consumerist materialist would object to such magnanimity from the man who will soon be Britain’s first woman prime minister, and the criticism in this “bog post” and from the commenters is indicative of how disturbingly neoconservative some parts of our multicultural nation still are. I feel certain that Mr “Tim” Worstall and his “friends” are all similarly e-tarded and incapable of even posting anything at all on the internet. Let us hope that they will soon be visited by the State’s e-friends and be sorted out.

    I understand that my helpful comment will ignite the kind of rudeness and scorn that is the only response of neoliberals. As a Progressive, this is the price I have become used to paying for providing my kind help to such people.

  13. I exect the thick racist knuckle draggers don’t even know what a Mochachino is either. I bet they don’t even have an espresso machine at home either? How can one possibly connect with these people?

  14. “I exect the thick racist knuckle draggers don’t even know what a Mochachino is either.”

    Mochachino? Mochaccino surely? Mochachino would be one leg of a pair of cotton trousers with chocolate coffee spilt on them.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My 84 year old Mum can send emails from her shiny new iPad and quite likes the cut of that Mr Farridge’s jib so Cheeky Umbongo can go piss up a rope, the supercilious twat.

  16. Ian B

    I imagine you’re quite pleased with that latest post.

    Probably took a while.

    Well done.

    Have you finished your magnus opus about feminism yet? Or the rest of the things you’re an expert about?

    Edward Lud. The text posted underminesthe whole thread. You’re fucking stupid. Will that do?

  17. Some Telegraph writer thinks thos a clever Labour tactic that shows it has learnt how to respond to the Ukip threat. Apparently it is a clever wheeze to split the Ukip ‘coalition’.
    I don’t have to be a Ukip voter to think he’s just been a soft twat do I?

  18. Tricky. Chuka cocked up. But anyone who (so wittilly, so humourosly, so intelligently) used some “humorous” variation of his name comes out looking like a twat (racist twat for the hard of thinking).

    Not Tim, and some others. But tell me why I should change my view that Kippers in general are old embittered racists?

  19. Luke, you seem to be under the same sort of delusion as Arnald, which is the belief that other people worry about what you think of them.

  20. Luke – dunno what’s racist about slagging off Chukk-chukk-chukk-chukk-chicken. Is it because he’s half Irish?

    If he didn’t want people to make fun of his silly name, asinine comments, and general ponciness, he’s chosen the wrong profession.

    Maybe he could be a nightclub promoter or a contestant on The Apprentice instead. He has that vibe about him.

  21. So Much for Subtlety

    Bloke in Costa Rica – “My 84 year old Mum can send emails from her shiny new iPad and quite likes the cut of that Mr Farridge’s jib so Cheeky Umbongo can go piss up a rope, the supercilious twat.”

    My Grandmothers, while they were still with us, couldn’t have sent an e-mail if their lives depended on it.

    They were still ten times better people and more interesting and original thinkers than the British Barack Obama. Chuka can f**k right off.

  22. Arnald

    you’re back, thank God, you were missed.


    “Tricky Chucka chocked up. But anyone who (so wittilly, so “humourosly”, so intelligently) used some “humorous” variation of his name comes out looking like a twat (racist twat for the hard of thinking).”

    love it, have you tried m f.

  23. Take it as given that I’m fucking stupid, Arnald, would you condescend to explain how the text you posted undermines the whole thread?

  24. I think Chukka and most of the Westminster/media bubble are confusing the internet with [email protected] They all spend way too much time trying to put pithy bon mots into 140 characters of daily soundbite ( a legacy from the ‘on message’ pagers of the Blair era) and are generally shocked that nobody outside of the bubble (or over 30) reads or cares about them. Carswell points out that the internet and its ability to bypass the ‘gatekeepers of truth’ at the BBC etc is exactly what is turning people away from shallow, vacuous non-entities like Chukka and his colleagues. Keep them all wallowing in their own sense of tweet inspired self importance I say….

  25. Steve, he wouldn’t get accepted for the Apprentice. Lord Sugar apparently called him an idiot a while back. Probably with good reason.
    Wasn’t it Chuka who had a go at Barclays for using tax law that Chuka’s party came up with and Chuka voted for? Something about disposal of capital asset…not being taxable.

  26. I wrote

    “I am a UKIP member with a modern languages degree from Cambridge.

    I work as a translator specialising in finance. This involves me using the internet ALL DAY ALL WEEK and sending lots of emails.

    I am glad we are unlikely to meet as I will find it difficult not to assault you.

    I look forward to you losing your seat and having to earn an honest living, perhaps by selling the Big Issue.” ….

    …. and promptly got an “undeliverable” message as his mailbox was full up.

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