So Ritchie agrees that Amazon is tax planning, not tax avoiding

Tax avoidance, on the other hand always, and without exception, increases your tax risk. That is because you are doing something about which there is uncertainty. in that case, many tax advisers would suggest that you got a tax barrister’s opinion to confirm that your action was legal, as defence against any counterclaim from HMRC. Examples might be claiming allowance for expenses where it is not certain that these are due in law, or using an offshore structure when the motive could be questioned. In all such cases the taxpayer’s risk is increased by undertaking the transaction. That is what tax avoidance involves.

So, given that what Amazon does is written directly into the law – warehouses to do create permanent establishments for the purposes of corporation tax – they have not needed to get an opinion and thus they are tax planning, not tax avoiding.

Nice to get that finally settled, eh?

7 thoughts on “So Ritchie agrees that Amazon is tax planning, not tax avoiding”

  1. And you only get a counsels opinion when tax avoidance is the sole object.

    Yes that’s right Ritchie, you vile and malicious prick. Nothing to do with making sure you’re not inadvertently caught by some wide scope avoidance legislation on a straightforward commercial transaction, such as a potential s776 charge.

    By ritchies theory, you’ll only ever consult with legal if you’re breaking or have broken the law. Which contrasts nicely with his views on availability of legal aid.

  2. Interesting today, Ritchie is too dim to notice that I am hinting that it’s obvious that he shouldn’t consider himself special:

    Of course, my post where I pointed out in black and white that Ritchie was one of more than 800 people that were followed the day the book was published and therefore the great Richard Murphy is perhaps not as special as be claims to be and is just trying to feed off someone for his own ends…. deleted. (And every post I make is screenshot when posted Richard)

    Some relevant likes and dislikes to comments requested 😀

  3. Dennis The Peasant

    “Tax avoidance, on the other hand always, and without exception, increases your tax risk.”

    This one sentence alone amounts to nothing less than professional malpractice. He is not only wrong, he is wrong in the most ridiculous manner possible.

  4. Until the smug fat twat forms a limited company and extracts all the profits as salary, thus paying higher total employer and employee NICs than for his LLP he can fvck right off.

    Tax avoiding cvnt.

  5. Dennis is absolutely right.

    Tax Avoidance increases UNCERTAINTY; not risk. Risk in this context is the possibility of paying more tax, exactly what avoidance reduces.

  6. Noel Scoper – enjoyed the man’s ‘put down’ of you – reached a new level of superciliousness! I must say you’ve done well to last this long – normally you’d have been called a troll and barred some time ago….

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