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It’s amazing how often you refer to “bien-pensants“, I say. “Yes,” he replies with a naughty-school-boy grin. “I use it too often. It’s longer than ‘cunt’, but how do you describe them otherwise?

Rod Liddle.

8 thoughts on “Spot on here”

  1. Bloke with a Boat

    He was on Start the Week recently and he was very amusing. The bien pensant presenter was really pissed off with him. The first 10 minutes is quite entertaining.

  2. “who espouse values that are in fact a consequence of their material wealth but that they pass off as being enlightened liberal values”


  3. Well, the attempted hatchet job of an “interview” and the reaction of various Guardianistas that follow, have encouraged me to buy the book.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    “It’s an elite that’s ever more aloof from the country, and doesn’t understand its aspirations, doesn’t understand its gripes. And they are inclined to dismiss them as racist.”

    Seems about right. Although he does look like a fat middle aged lesbian.

  5. Rob;s quote sums it up. But this was also interesting:

    “The problem with Ukip is that I suspect at its heart it is pro-immigration.”

  6. That UKIP are pro immigration is hardly a fucking revelation – it’s in their policy list. They just want it to be doctors and physicists rather than unemployed potential terrorists. The racists!

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