The fuckers. Just, the fuckers

Many veterans wondered if there was something different about the place this year. Indeed there was. A few years ago, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission noticed many of its Second World War graves were deteriorating at a much faster pace than those from 1914-18. It turned out that as Britain emerged from chaos in 1945, Whitehall – shamefully – requisitioned all top grade Portland stone to repair government buildings. The commission ended up with the cast-offs. So it has spent two years and £4million replacing 8,000 of the most vulnerable Normandy graves.

The Labour government of Major Clement Atlee did that.

The fuckers.

15 thoughts on “The fuckers. Just, the fuckers”

  1. Bloke with a Boat

    Did you see the comment that triggered that post?

    john miller said…

    OT and I apologise, but it may be the sort of thing you’ll be writing about tomorrow.

    Leaving aside the irony of the D-Day veterans being patronised by politicians who are achieving far more than Hitler did, I was struck by the conceit, hubris, pride and vanity of the whole motley crew.

    Yes, we will say you are heros and pay (strictly) verbal homage to you, but we are superior beings.

    90 years old you may be, but you can sit in the blazing sun awaiting our presence, wait for us while we eat all the things that are bad for you, under lights you may not use, until the cameras are ready for us and the make up artists have made us beautiful. Then, like the royalty we despise, we will descend to your level and ply the pretty words our best speechwriters have penned, then contemptuously trun our backs, knowing you and all your dead fellows in arms have failed.

    Sums them up nicely.

  2. Whitehall does know best, so it does follow that our philosopher kings need the best materials.
    Whereas these men died defeating one strain of socialism, so they got the treatment another socialist govt though they deserved.

  3. Tim spoils it my mentioning that it was a “Labour” government. Crassly selfish actions of this sort are a Whitehall staple.

    Anyway, I was particularly proud yesterday as [my country] not only won the war 70 years previously, but did it whilst bailing out [all the Allied nations minus my country], who, quite frankly, were rubbish.

    And I’ve not once had a free drink in a French bar. Shameful.

  4. What Jack C said.

    No matter which party is in government, the Civil Service runs the country.

    And for any politician, of any party, to issue a decision like that would be political suicide, even now. Even more so in the late 1940s.

    It shows why we shouldn’t give power to civil servants, and it maybe shows Attlee and Co should have trusted them less. But I can’t imagine for one moment that Attlee would have been anything less than furious had he known what was being done.

  5. For what it’s worth, I believe the Tories tend to shaft our armed forces even more than Labour does. But they’re both showers of bastards and the MoD isn’t fit for purpose.

  6. And as if shafting the dead soldiers wasn’t enough, Attlee’s government did their best to make a few more of them when they gave the jet engine to their chum Stalin. It was OK, you see, ‘cos Uncle Joe promised only to use it for civilian purposes … like, as it turned out, MiG fighters ‘n’ stuff.

    The Left: utter scum.

  7. It’s probably worth distinguishing that part of the left that was merely scum from that part that had been taking Moscow gold.

    Even at the Tox-Dadger, such distinctions can still be made.

  8. Really, this is puerile. Whitehall purloins the good stuff (again), and this is proof positive that all leftists are “scum”. This is easily, and pointlessly, countered by similar examples when the right were in power.

    Meanwhile, the MOD will continue as before. Stringing some of them up by be one solution, but probably better to point out how vulgar and lower-class their behaviour is. I’m sure it would sting rather more.

  9. Tim, this is close to click bait, isn’t it?

    So we should have demolished the Brandenburg Gate, ripped up the paving stones on Unter den Linden to make gravestones? Would Our Glorious Dead have noticed and applauded?

    The monumentalism of WW1 memorials is a sign of revenge. By WW2 we maybe had a more pragmatic view of the issue.

  10. Jack C
    I did get bought a drink today.
    By a guy that explained that my figure of 141 French soldiers disembarking on the Normandy beaches was wrong.
    It was in fact 157.

  11. So Much for Subtlety

    bloke in france – “Tim, this is close to click bait, isn’t it?”

    Bif, don’t take this the wrong way, but just fuck off.

    “So we should have demolished the Brandenburg Gate, ripped up the paving stones on Unter den Linden to make gravestones? Would Our Glorious Dead have noticed and applauded?”

    No we shouldn’t have. Can you say utter wankery disguised as a strawman? Who even remotely came close to suggesting we demolish the Brandenburg Gate? The choices were using entirely British Portland Stone for 1. graves for war heroes or 2. cladding Whitehall.

    How exactly can you justify the choice that was made?

    “The monumentalism of WW1 memorials is a sign of revenge. By WW2 we maybe had a more pragmatic view of the issue.”

    Ummm, bif, again don’t take this the wrong way, but fuck off. No it isn’t. How does honouring the dead amount to revenge? Revenge against whom precisely? The French? When the Soviets go and put a tank in the middle of Berlin and refuse to allow the Germans to remove the monument to the unknown rapist, that might be revenge. But a grave stone in France is revenge how?

    So be very clear exactly what I mean by telling you to fuck off. Don’t mistake it for a mere figure of speech.

  12. Fuckerishness, well yes.

    But isn’t there also something morbidly symbolic in the deadly parasites of the state housing themselves in the stones of a tomb?

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