The question to ask yourself after wake up next to some gargantuan porker

Jeebus, how hungry was I last night?

It is a well-known maxim that you shouldn’t visit the supermarket when feeling hungry, but new research suggests the same is true when going out in search of romance.

Both men and women are more likely to be attracted to people who are larger when they go out on an empty stomach.

Men, in particular will choose more voluptuous women if they have missed a meal while women go for larger, heavier set men.

But scientists warn that when then hunger is sated, they may not feel the same.

Experience suggests equally so when the lust is sated, not just the hunger.

6 thoughts on “The question to ask yourself after wake up next to some gargantuan porker”

  1. When you’re hungry, your puritanism is weakened by the sinful urgings of the corrupted flesh. And stuff.

  2. As the sergeant said: I never went to bed with a dragon when pissed, but, boy, did I wake up next to lots of them.

  3. What a stunning endorsement of our Universities and the research funding model that supports them.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    He said heavy set, not necessarily fat. But if you like, TDK, meet Seal. Check out Ms Klum’s priors too.

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