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At the ASI.

Some interesting numbers on why we should get fracking.

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    You’re never going to get anywhere with facts, Tim. This is about feeding the multitude & the believers are heavily invested in loaves & fishes. Pointing out the advantages of McDonalds isn’t going to cut it.

  2. As bloke (not) in spain says, you’re wasting your time Tim. if the fact disproves the belief, the fact is an abomination to be destroyed.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Yeah, common sense isn’t going to get you far. Better to make a bet of greed and stupidity. I have just been looking at a map of potential shale reserves across Europe.

    Britain has some. So does France. Now you just know that in France shale will be sewn up by the government and handed out to their former class mates at Total or something. As will probably happen in Britain too. So there’s no point trying it there.

    But potential shale deposits stretch from Vienna pretty much all the way to the Black Sea – proving once again that fossil fuels are often God’s blessing and/or curse of Muslim regimes. The Ottomans were campaigning over a fortune. There is no point buying into Romania or Bulgaria, the former Communists who run those countries are just Turks who think they used to be Orthodox Christians. They will steal your investment.

    However Hungary also looks to be built on shale deposits. Hungary might just have the right combination of a working rule of law, not too much corruption, pretty girls – and a desperate need for foreign exchange that means it is the right place to buy some shale deposits. Even if you can’t frack right now.

    As does Poland I note, but not so much of a failing economy.

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