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George Monbiot seems to believe that free planning systems encourage housing booms. What?

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Place I was at in Valencia, last month, there’s a whole town plan laid out on the coast. Streets, roundabouts, streetlighting, car-parks with all the parking spaces neatly painted. Been like that the past 5 years, to my knowledge. It’s almost entirely empty plots, apart from the frames of a couple of apartment blocks abandoned & rusting in the sun.
    It doesn’t seem to be evidence of a lack of planning. More like an excess of planning.

  2. Tim, you’re letting facts get in the way of emotion… Monbiot and his ilk are the most conservative bunch you will ever find and for them it’s intentions that count, not outcomes. And the intentions of planners are always, be definition, pristine.

  3. He doesn’t like houses, except for his cottage in Wales. For the rest of us we should live in harmony with nature, sackcloth, tents, woad, hunting and gathering.

  4. I loved the Monbiot link – not a word about the impact of immigration on his ‘green and pleasant land’ – if you want to import 200,000 per year to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’ you may just have to build somewhere for them to live.

    Furthermore, both he and Murphy have the same end goal – the Courageous State decides where you live and allocates your housing as the issue is ‘outside the market’s remit’. Of course, as both were exceedingly important ‘experts’ they would be permitted first dibs, whilst the rest of use take what we’re given.

    And, of course the whole thing is ‘nothing to do with communism’ as both are ‘in favor of democracy’ so long as the voters vote in ‘their own best interests’ and ‘those of civil society’ – loosely defined as whatever either of these notoriously idiotic people believe….

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