Well, obviously

The UN doesn’t understand the British system of governance:

Britain has one of highest number of users of “legal highs” in Europe, a report from the UN office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has warned.

The “unprecedented” spread of so-called legal highs has left doctors and nurses in Britain “powerless” to treat drug users who are unable to identify what substances they have taken.

Because, y’know, they’re legal. In our system anything that is not expressly illegal is legal. There’s no law against snorting onion rinds. Thus snorting onion rinds is legal.


5 thoughts on “Well, obviously”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Perhaps they think if the drugs are illegal, it will be easier to identify what these morons have taken?

    Or perhaps they think the police ought to collaborate with our traditional drug suppliers so we know that people will be taking weed, gak and horse but nothing else?

  2. Perhaps they think we ought to bring in regulations on proper labeling. If even a packet of peanuts must tell you “May contain nuts”, what excuse is there for not labeling snortable onion rinds, or whatever?

    Oh, yes, and “Do not operate heavy machinery”.

  3. There is a general purge on legal highs at present. Our local trashrag newspaper–staffed by young snot university leftist “reporters” (trying to accumulate a portfolio of crusading Marxist shite to get themselves a job on the nationals) has been leading the propaganda assault. The local legal head shop received a visit from 6 costumed thugs –they prob couldn’t read the legal bit in the sign. The owner was handcuffed and put in cop shitwagon while they searched ie trashed his business. No charges of course–what an inconvienient word “legal” is– but a clear message of intimidation sent.

  4. Legal highs have just been made ‘illegal’ here in New Zealand following a fairly typical moral panic just ahead of the election.

    There will no doubt be an increase in completely unrelated meth incidents in the near future.

  5. “Thus snorting onion rinds is legal.” – can you get off on onion rinds? Do you have to prepare them in some way? Must try it.

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