You can tell how this is going to work out, can’t you?

Most people have experienced what it is to lie awake at night worrying about how to make ends meet.

But the world’s super-rich are not lacking sleep over fears of losing money – but of having too much.

One in seven multimillionaires or billionaires is worried their wealth could be depriving their children of drive and ambition, says a study which affords a rare glimpse into the minds of the ultra-rich.

The richer the individual the greater those fears, the survey suggests, and only health concerns rank higher in the minds of the wealthy elite.

According to the study, by the law firm Withersworldwide, this is an anxiety which, for some families able to live off investments, is tearing them apart.


Give it 5 minutes and we’ll have someone telling us we must tax all the wealth away. For the children.

9 thoughts on “You can tell how this is going to work out, can’t you?”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    A whole 5 minutes? Seems a remarkably conservative estimate.
    One can imagine the deep concerns Guardianistas will have for the sleep patterns of the super-rich.

  2. Surely all this shows is that parents worry about their children.

    The worries of a C21st billionaire may be different from those of a Chinese peasant or those of a C19th shopkeeper in Baghdad but they are still worries.

  3. It can be said the important thing for a self made wealthy person is the process to get there. Depriving their kids of such things will be an issue for some – not to say they won’t help the kids get a good start in life. But when you have oodles of money from your parents what do you do? Become a spoiled socialite? Blow it all on drink & drugs? Or do something?

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    Well if it is such a problem the [email protected] can give it all to me. I will do their worrying for them. Out sourcing is not just for the Blue collar worker!

    But what else do they expect them to say? Do they really think the super rich are going to say what most of us would – that is, they regularly strip naked and slide down their piles of Benjamins? I don’t think so.

  5. A perfectly legitimate concern, which is why the British upper class always sent their sprogs to schools differing only from Young Offenders Institutes in the quality of fellow inmate.

  6. Talking to a friend who is a school master at Eton and he says that the last thing that is missing from most of these privileged wealthy sons of oligarchs and investment bank CEOs is ambition or drive.

    In fact it is positively cool to be good academically. As well as cool to captain a sports team or take the lead in a play or concert.

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