And in a report from a parallel universe

World Cup 2014: violence mars Argentina’s victory celebration

Front page of the Telegraph.

9 thoughts on “And in a report from a parallel universe”

  1. One is becoming inured to to Guardian standards of reporting as the DT completes it’s transformation to the Leftygraph. The paper has little to commend it any more.

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    Okay, calling the winner wrong is a matter of deadlines and we all know this happens. But inventing the violence? Won’t pay Murdoch for the Times (or anything else), Telegraph is now rubbish, even a dive towards the left at the Independent is marred by a gross lack of realism in reporting.

    Where is there to go?

  3. Shouldn’t a placeholder be something that doesn’t embarrass you if things go wrong? “Chocolate and cats”: that sort of thing.

  4. Where to go, SE? The worldwidewasteoftime.
    The dead-tree legacy press is intent on suicide, so get your news on the internet.

  5. The dead-tree legacy press is intent on suicide, so get your news on the internet.

    With its emphasis on robust fact-checking, elimination of personal bias, minimising sensationalism and rational discussion, the internet is clearly the place to go to for news.

    Nah – it’s entertainment. Occasionally informative entertainment, certainly but although it sometimes meets the timeliness requirement for “news”, it rarely reaches the other levels. Which is understandable – you need to pay people to generate proper content and the internet is still trying to sort out how to make that one work.

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    “Nah – it’s entertainment….etc”
    Sorry, You lost me there, SE. You’re talking about the net or the papers, at this point?

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