Calling any chemical engineers who might read this blog

So, if there’s any chemical engineers who read this can they please drop me a line?

I’m pondering the possibility of using a contract manufacturer to process some minerals that I’ve got. But I find that I don’t actually know enough about the industry to even know where to start looking. I don’t in fact know whether anyone at all offers the sort of service I’m looking for.

Which is, I’ve got some material which needs to be dissolved in acid. Then one component, one element, in that solution needs to be cut out of it. And then the rest of it, precipitated out and sent off to landfill.

Is this a service I can buy from someone? And if so, who? EU or US is fine.

8 thoughts on “Calling any chemical engineers who might read this blog”

  1. Got contacts for mineral processing in Aussie, but Europe, not so much sorry. Depends on the volume really. Plenty of lab scale guys around, but I can’t say I’ve ever run into a contact processor as such.

    You might be better off talking to AkzoNobel or Orica etc, to see if they supply acid to a suitable outfit, assuming it’s nitric your after?

  2. FA,

    Mono’s are construction & service company, they won’t do it directly but you are right that they might know someone, but it’ll be Aussie based from them.

  3. @David Moore – yep, but they’re both Australians and engineers, so asking them a blunt question straight out will probably get a straight answer

  4. Tim:

    Before seeking a company (or other entity) able to perform the service, you need a chemist to lay out the particular reaction (and there may be several alternates available) which you’d wish engineered (these might be–but not necessarily–found in the same person/business).

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