Geoffrey Lean is a knob, isn’t he?

Floods, climate change, yadda yadda:

The committee on climate change report did not get the attention it deserved, partly because it coincided with an acclaimed return to the Levels by the Prince of Wales, who local people say “saved the day” last winter by shaming the authorities into action. But it shows how we are becoming ever more vulnerable to flooding, even as climate change makes it more likely.

Despite recent increases, spending lags far behind what is needed. Almost three quarters of Britain’s flood defences are not being maintained properly, and almost 500 new ones will not be funded for at least five years.

These are not just effective – protecting an estimated 1.4 million homes during last winter alone – but they are also good value, producing an £8 return on every £1 spent. Even the Treasury agrees that building them would “help drive growth”.

By this spring, the Environment Agency had 800 fewer people working on managing floods than in 2010, despite the crisis, and it is still losing staff. Meanwhile, adds the report, cash-strapped local authorities are “diverting” funding provided for combating inundations to “other council services”.

Completely failing to make the point that the Levels flooding was because the Environment Agency deliberately turned off the pumping stations. Knob end.

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  1. It was worse than that. Some years ago, the Environment Agency took the decision to return the levels to their original state of several hundred years ago before Dutch engineers put the drainage system in place. The drainage system had been neglected and starved of maintenance funding for some considerable time. Ecoloon-acy was behind the decision. The chances of the then head of the Agency facing official action for criminal negligence are, of course, nil. A robust Government would have dissolved the QUANGO for this action alone.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    The badwagon Lean won’t climb on waving a climate change banner doesn’t exist. A temporary drought 2 or 3 years back had him claiming climate change would have the entirety of Southern England as a semi-desert.
    But when the one string in your journalistic bow is…

  3. Geoffrey Lean is such a consistent alarmist, whether predicting death by drought or drowning due to plant food in the atmosphere, that I am starting to wonder if he is a windup journalistic programme getting column space to protect the interests of the green schemers. He is impossible to parody.

  4. Lean is a berk of the first rank – that he continues to suck a salary from Barclay Bros Beano tells you a great deal about the state of the media – that’s a dead certainty.

    The pumping station thing is only a part of the recipe – you might have noticed that reporting of the dredging campaign is rather muted … the Environment Agency -> true to form are (last time I looked) applying homeopathy principles to the dredging campaign…

    They are lazy, incompetent and spiteful bunch of penpushing oxygen thieves -= the sooner they are disbanded and the money is re-directed to the only slightly more competent local gubmint sector the better….

  5. “but they are also good value, producing an £8 return on every £1 spent.”

    Well, then why not resume producing Supermarine Spitfires? Government spending does not boost the economy; it is a drag on the economy. Keynes is dead.

  6. “but they are also good value, producing an £8 return on every £1 spent”

    Bollocks. Show me a flood defence that gives an 700% cash return and I’ll show you a queue of fund managers a mile long all desperate to get some of their cash invested in it. That return is of the nebulous non-cash ‘benefit’ that all those in favour of State spending on their pet project that no-one will fund with their own money invent to ‘prove’ how important it is.

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