Is Ritchie a fuckwit, really, or just a fuckwit?

So, here’s his “audioboo” telling us that the recent IMF report says that pure monetary policy just ain’t good enough.

Here’s the actual IMF report that he himself links to…OK, the report on the report that he links to:

The IMF completed its “Article IV” mission to the UK in June when it ended its feud with the coalition government over austerity. In its more considered report on Monday, the fund produced optimistic forecasts, similar to the government’s, and said the latter’s austerity strategy was “appropriate”.


It recommended continued cuts in public spending and efforts to boost productivity to make the UK more competitive.

Please note, I don’t say that the IMF is correct, nor that the FT is correct in what they say the IMF has said. But you do have to be mad to draw Ritchie’s conculion from his source.

Quite barking.

5 thoughts on “Is Ritchie a fuckwit, really, or just a fuckwit?”

  1. Is conculion claret for conclusion – and hence the link (to his site)!?

    ps.. Hmmm… more seriously – often “B”… quite…

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