Jimmy Savile visits DisneyWorld from the grave

At least 35 Disney employees in Florida have been arrested for alleged child sex offences in the last eight years, according to an investigation by CNN.

None of the offences involved children or teenagers visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando but were allegedly committed by men who worked there.

The crimes involved offences including trying to meet a minor for sex and possession of child pornography.

Five employees at a Universal Studios theme park in Florida, and two at Sea World in Florida, have also been arrested during that time, CNN reported after examining police and court records.

Of the total 42 arrests 32 men have so far been convicted, eight were found not guilty and two have yet to enter pleas.

Must be Savile as he is the root of all paedo evil, isn’t he?

More seriously, I wonder if that is actually higher than the background rate or not?

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  1. Back in the mid/late 90s, one of the lawyers who worked in the same company as my Dad took his wife and young son (about 6 years old) to Disney World, Florida. They turned their backs and he was gone, never to be seen again. The police told them that he had likely been taken by paedophiles, and that such disappearances are not unprecendented in Disney World, which paedophiles target presumably because of the number of kids, crowds, and foreigners all combining to provide opportunities for abductions. Naturally, Disney World tries to keep the lid on this, seemingly with some success.

    The impact this sort of event must have on the parents can only be imagined.

  2. There’s a rather poor joke about someone saying he’s going to Tampa with the kids, but I don’t remember the details.

  3. People are attracted to jobs for both good and bad reasons. It stands to reason, at first glance, that you’ll find more paedophiles working at DisneyWorld, just as you’ll find more would-be actors working in Hollywood.

    Nevertheless it would hardly be the best option for a die-hard paedo. Too many other people around, too many parents, no default expectation of trust. The bright ones go into the clergy or teaching; and the seriously mischievous go into local authority child services, working with troubled kids. After all, who’s going to believe accusations from a kid who is a known troublemaker?

    A major employer like Disney should be undertaking psychological screening of employees. At the very least the screening can highlight staff who may be higher-risk, allowing the company to push them into non-child-facing jobs within the theme park.

    Going back to the original article, most theme park workers are themselves barely out of high school, and thus are likely to have a smartphone with the odd photo/video of a girl from school with her tits out. Oops, that would be child porn. That’s how you get to the numbers cited.

  4. To your final remark, it would be surprising if a job that involved meeting children wouldn’t attract people who like children – for the good reasons and the bad.
    I am assuming that having a paedophile feeling doesn’t always translate into crime.

  5. The arms race of Saville shock stories is growing at such a rate I expect one involving cannibalism to appear very soon.

  6. Don’t forget we’re on final countdown to Ted Heath running a paedo ring on his yacht. I give it about two weeks before it’s official.

  7. Tim N – sorry if I sound skeptical, but most “coworker of family” or “family of coworker” stories do that to me! I’m just curious about the veracity of your tale. There are lots of Disneyworld kidnapping urban legends (dating back to the 80s – eg http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/1989-08-04/news/8908041483_1_kidnapping-disney-world-visiting-walt-disney ) but on the other hand the scale of the place suggests some unsavory stuff is a statistical near-certainty. Are you pretty sure it’s a true story?

  8. Tim N – sorry if I sound skeptical, but most “coworker of family” or “family of coworker” stories do that to me! I’m just curious about the veracity of your tale.

    Are you pretty sure it’s a true story?

    I agree that you ought to be skeptical and I wouldn’t urge anyone to repeat it. But I remember my Dad talking about it at home at the time, and I asked him about it again a couple of years back and he gave me some more details. I don’t think one of my Dad’s colleagues would come into the office and make such a story up, and I don’t think my Dad would have made it up either.

  9. Tim N – thanks for that.

    I do wonder how prevalent child disappearances are in general – I suspect more common than I’m aware of, but the few that get picked up on by the press (eg “Maddie”) screen out coverage of others, making it look rarer.

    I wonder how often it happens compared to “forgotten baby syndrome” for instance ( http://www.kidsandcars.org/heatstroke.html ) – quite hard to gauge how often low probability events occur because most of us observe few or none of them, while media coverage is selective and rarely proportional.

  10. I do wonder how prevalent child disappearances are in general – I suspect more common than I’m aware of, but the few that get picked up on by the press (eg “Maddie”) screen out coverage of others, making it look rarer.

    I don’t think genuine, permanent child disappearances are that common…at least in comparison to those where a kid has wandered off somewhere and will turn up in an hour or so in the company of a kindly stranger. Probably because there are very few people who desire to be in the company of a strange kid for very long.

  11. “I don’t think genuine, permanent child disappearances are that common…at least in comparison to those where a kid has wandered off somewhere and will turn up in an hour or so in the company of a kindly stranger.”

    I’d like to class myself as a “kindly stranger” but these I days I wonder if I wouldn’t be so worried that I’d be accused of doing something awful to the child because I was trying to help him/her that I’d end up doing nothing.

  12. The Jimmy Savile case jumped the shark a while ago:

    The government on Thursday released reports based on investigations by 28 U.K. hospitals, all part of Britain’s National Health Service. The reports detail how the TV and radio personality, who died in 2011, allegedly parlayed charitable activities into abuse at hospitals in the 1970s and 1980s.

    At one hospital, according to one of the reports, his youngest alleged victim was 5 and the oldest was 75.


    Does anyone really believe he was both a paedophile and a gerontophile? Or that if he’d had gerontophilic tendencies, he couldn’t have satisfied them legally?


    Happened to me last summer. A crying toddler came by on his own in the park, so I stopped to help. He’d lost his mummy, of course. She wasn’t in sight, so I took him back the way he’d come. To give him a chance to see further, and because it helped stop him crying, I carried him on my shoulders. He spotted his mum pretty much straight away, and I took him back to her.

    Her first reaction was to accuse me of trying to steal her child, but she was plainly reacting emotionally to the stress of losing her kid and lashing out, so I just laughed and asked if I’d have brought him straight back to her if I was a kidnapper. She huffed and busied herself with the kid, but a minute later, clearly having calmed down, called after me to apologise and thank me for bringing him back.

    Most people aren’t actually completely insane, even if they seem like it from time to time.

  13. Dave

    When driving I once saw a child aged about 3 by the side of a busy road. I turned back to see if the parents were nearby. When it was clear they weren’t then my wife stayed with the child while I ran round the nearby park looking for the parents then phoned the police. Just seemed “safer” to leave a small girl with a woman than a man.

    (The police turned up within about five minutes and the parents shortly after – turned out the kid was a bit of an escape artist and had learned to open the new lock they had installed at home)

  14. Zombie Savile would make a compelling baddie on Doctor Who.

    Nowwwww theeeennn, noooowww theeennn, nooow thennnnn…

  15. Dave–The sheer volume of accusations against Saville should begin to give people pause. A year or so ago Saville’s total of accusations stood at 500+.Ranging across the entire sexual offence spectrum –from little boys/little girls/female teenaged /adult women/buggering teenage boys alone and as a member of “networks”/attacking hospital patients/ hospital staff/ not to mention having a go at some of Britains most crazy and violent women in the female wing of Broadmoor. etc, etc. I can think of no other known pervert with any such spectrum of urges. To my mind, the only one who comes close is the serial killer Albert Fish who was a sadist, child rapist and torturer not to mention cannibal and self-harming polymorphous pervert.

    Since then Saville has been accused of a 1000 sex crimes at the BBC alone+ Satanism+ The Met are claiming that children from 21 childrens homes in the London area alone were being “sent” to him. It just goes on and on.
    No one man could have done all this lot in one lifetime even if he were at it full time. Saville had several careers in which he did well enough to become a reasonably wealthy man. He simply could not have done all the crimes he is accused of on a time basis alone Also their is a kind of “superhuman” element to the media portrayal of Saville. He is always in the right place at the right time. He walks into hospitals and all manner of public places (bringing kids/teenagers, adult women with him) and always knows where there is an empty ward or an empty room where he can do the deed. He always manages so no one else can see–there is a sofa in the way or something else so it always comes down to unsupported accusations. Yeah–sure a pervert would try for that–but he is subject to time and chance like the rest of –when did all our (non-evil) plans run so smoothly?. Ever?. But Saville waltzes thro’ situation after situation literally thousands of times (if his accusers are to be believed) but never makes any mistakes–never comes unstuck?. Never finds himself with a screaming girl on his arm and all eyes looking at him?.

    The fact is that huge numbers of accusations against him–and all cases where any level of detail are given– simply don’t check out. For an example see the link to Anna Racoon’s blog and her review of numerous (and costly) NHS hospital investigations into alleged reports of sexual assault by Saville.


  16. GD>

    “Just seemed “safer” to leave a small girl with a woman than a man.”

    I was actually in the park with SWMBO at the time, but I was standing up, I saw the kid, I went over to him, and I helped him. I did vaguely consider asking her to take him, but I really couldn’t see why she had to get up.

    Also, it’s really not a good thing to allow it to become unusual for adult men to interact with small children. That really is paedophile panic.

  17. Let’s hope Mr Ecks is right and the Savile hysteria is beginning to wane. It will have to eventually because there will be no more money for ‘victims’ to reap. They may still get the usual 25,000.00 from the State (i.e. from us taxpayers) . It is clear to anyone with an ounce of common-sense that it would have been virtually impossible for a man who spent all his life in the glare of national publicity, instantly recogniseable and constantly under scruitiny, to get away with the phenomenal amount of abuse he is now accused of doing which based on the figures given works out at around one new victim every two weeks throughout his entire career!

    In outlining the supposed indiscretions I am surprised that Ecks did not also add ‘Satanic Abuser’ to the list because such ridiculous claims are being repeated across the net. This article here explains a lot about where that rumour started: http://www.saff.ukhq.co.uk/savilemonster.htm

  18. I forgot the latest necrophilia accusations–fiddling corpses.

    Again–I know the local morgue is at my local hospital–but I don’t know where exactly and I don’t have the faintest idea how to get in let alone what the security is like. Hoe did Saville find out?. In horror movies morgues are always virtually empty–apart from exposition scenes where the hero etc is told what the monster is capable of. In real life it seems unlikely. They are places of (grisly) business–and have security arrangements (and would have had even decades ago–otherwise what would stop the Krays etc from breaking in to spoil evidence or even steal the corpse of their latest victim). So again–how come Saville is supposedly able to waltz into morgues at leisure, with plenty of time to fiddle with corpses and steal glass-eyes (that has to be the most pathetic so far) completely undetected?.

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